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Brooke Eden’s “Daddy’s Money”

The Country music scene has witnessed a lot of change over the last few years, with the increasing popularity of Country-Pop artists like Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line. Occasionally, an artist comes around that brings us back to a time when the genre was dominated by artists like Martina Mcbride and Sara Evans. Brooke Eden’s newest single “Daddy’s Money” is an empowering theme song for hardworking southern belles, everywhere. Eden caught our attention right from the start, opening with a “cha-ching” sound followed by catchy, twangy, guitar riffs. Listeners catch on to the song's message, immediately, with the opening line, “I’m a proud daughter of a blue collar, hard workin’ father.” The

Nothing To WINE About

We had a fantastic time at City Winery last night for Miranda Lambert's Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Unplugged benefit! Shane Maccanally, Ashley Monroe and Nicolle Galyon showed up to show their support, and surprise guests Maren Morris and Charles Kelley came out to play alongside Miranda. Not sure which was better.. the killer tunes or the bottles of wine.

Leslie Cours Mather's "That Was The Whiskey"

Country rocker, Leslie Cours Mather, doesn’t disappoint with her new single, “That Was the Whiskey”. This southern rock song details a crazy, drunken night full of whiskey drinking, bartop dancing, and small town talking. The lyrics paint a humorous night in your mind, and Mather’s choice to poke fun at a drunken experience adds humor and relatability to her song. The song is set up to be the anthem of whiskey lovers, everywhere. The electric guitar, down home beat, and strong percussion, paint Mather as a girl who lives life unapologetically. “That was the whiskey, with lies on her lips... Shaking her feathers with her hands on her hips.” Her nights are fueled by whiskey, but she knows “Sun

Keith Urban's "Break On Me"

Keith Urban has a long lasting reputation of melting women's hearts, and he does not fall short of that reputation, with his new single, “Break On Me.” This smooth, ambient ballad tugs at the emotions, and allows the listener to feel that much safer and more vulnerable with whomever they may be listening with. Urban uses his musical expertise to craft a beautiful message to anyone who’s going through a rough patch in their life. It is no secret that Urban is a fan of experimenting with instruments in his songs, so when I heard the bass lead at the beginning, I knew who I was listening to. Urban and co-producer Nathan Chapman use a variety of sounds to create a pretty, ambient environment, th

Coffey's "Magazine Girl"

What makes a song great? Catchy choruses? Witty lyrics and a fun beat? Whatever it is, new country-pop artist, Coffey, has it all. If his smooth R&B voice and soaring choruses don’t reel you in, his infectious southern boy charm will. I couldn’t help but laugh, listening to this Texas native’s new single, “Magazine Girl” - a heartfelt open letter to any girl struggling with their own self image. The song’s big hook, “You were made for magazines,” is very empowering and encouraging; you can almost picture yourself on the cover of Rolling Stone while listening to it. Just when you think it couldn’t get any catchier, Coffey throws an awesome rap into the bridge. Hip Hop and Country have crossed

April Kry Cover's Beiber's "Love Yourself"

Justin Bieber’s latest single, “Love Yourself” details the separation of two estranged lovers, thanks to a cheating partner. Sure, this story has been told time and time again by different artists, but this time around, the cheating partner is in love with herself. An ego tears apart a beautiful relationship, and leaves poor Justin in tears, alone with his tattoos and bleached-blonde hair. While many of us are growing tired of hearing about this young blonde, a new beautiful blonde has stepped onto the scene and covered Bieber’s latest single: April Kry. Having garnered a YouTube following, April Kry releases her original content to supportive fans, who also love her covers of popular tunes

Jake Clayton's "What Not To Do"

Jake Clayton’s debut single “What Not To Do,” teaches everyone who listens, a lesson on how not to live your life. Clayton’s fiddle playing, southern twang, and down home country sound send us back, with a sound reminiscent of Charlie Daniel Band’s foot stopping, “Devil Went Down to Georgia." Clayton’s song tells the tale of three different men’s mistakes, and the single ultimately comes to the chorus which holds the lines, “Thanks for the trouble, leaving me a clue… Thanks for showing me what not to do.” If you love a little bit a twang, a whole lot of fiddle, and some insightful story telling, “What Not To Do”, is right up your alley. Hear more songs from Jake Clayton by clicking the link

Risa Binder’s “Nashville”

Risa Binder’s EP, "Nashville," straight up feels like home. In five songs, and just seventeen minutes of play, you can take out your headphones and feel as though you personally know Risa. You can tell just how much time, and heart was poured into this album. This album is filled with lyrics of pain, hope, growth, and everything in between, connecting every listener to her words with his or her own personal story. Of all the tracks on the EP, the title track “Nashville” especially speaks to the dreamer and believer in all of us. With lyrics such as “Someone left the light on for me in Nashville, even though nobody’s home. Going to open up the door tonight in Nashville, and step into the grea

Tucker's "#Country"

“Simple. Honest. Like the man, and his music.” There is no better way to describe country newcomer, Tucker, and his new album, “#Country.” Like a best-selling author would, Tucker addresses complex matters and lifestyles in a way that anyone can understand. Each track travels a different road, telling a new and unique story. Whether its story is heartbreak or back road anthems, listeners will be able to find something that hits close to home. Tucker hits the ground running hard, from the start, with the title track “#Country,” which is essentially the perfect “tweet” to describe the country lifestyle. The verses give a vivid description of what life is like out in the country, and the chorus

Flat River Band's “Bums & Hookers, Strangers & Lookers”

The Flat River band’s album, “Bums & Hookers, Strangers & Lookers,” kicks off with a title that reflects the religious theme of the album cover itself: “God Bless the Radio.” Before the Flat River Band takes me on a musical journey, they invite me to grasp hold of any nearby radio, and thank God for the gift of music… Not a bad way to kick things off. It’s as if the Flat River Band is asking me to listen through the entire album in one go, thus establishing a concept album in just one 5-minute track. Full of driving drums, slick steels, and fluttering fiddle, this track really cranks things up. If you’re going to listen to any track on the album, start from the top of this one. There’s somet

Pete Scobell Band's Album Review: "Walkin A Wire"

"All-­American," "soulful," and "country ­rock" are three ways to epitomize country newcomer, Pete Scobell Band’s, newly released album, "Walkin A Wire." Scobell’s soulful voice adds depth and emotion to the twelve, well crafted songs that are featured on the album. As an honored Navy SEAL, proclaimed athlete, mountain climber and now as an "up and coming" country artist, Pete Scobell knows a whole lot about working hard for success. Of all the tracks, the sixth song on his album, “The Fight”, describes Scobell to the core. Scobell says the song is “kind of like the theme song for my life." The song, written by Ryan Lafferty and Steve Moakler, features strong electric guitar, drums, and lyri

Crankin' Up with Nikki Briar

"Crank It Country" catches up with Singer/Songwriter Nikki Briar (Crank It) What's your inspiration for the style of music that you play? (Briar) I grew up on all genres of music since my mom was a classical piano player, my father a motown drummer and my uncle a jazz guitarist, so my appreciation for music came at a very early age. I did on and off Broadway musicals and cabarets and covered Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra classics so taking every aspect of what I grew up on and my own love for country music it formed my style of country rock with lots of soul. Once I met my husband, I started singing the national anthem for various events and for the NJ National Guard, he has been in the army

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