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Anthony Fallacaro New Single "Great Escape" Review

Anthony Fallacaro, a young New York native, released his new album Electric City on April 26th and it is bringing the house down! Produced by his brother, Dominic Fallacaro, Electric City has the perfect mix of country, rock and pop. Adding to the excitement, Fallacaro released a music video for one of the new singles, “Great Escape” and it’ll have you smiling brighter than the sun! The music video features a young boy striving to win over the perfect girl, while writing her the perfect love song. The boy manages to create romantic love scenes from past movies that have his girl beaming. The video goes into total cuteness overload with reenactments of love scenes from movies like Grease, The

Brett Eldredges New Music Video for "Wanna be that Song"

Brett Eldredge just released a new music video for his single, “Wanna Be That Song,” from his most recent album, Illinois and boy are we stoked about it! According to People Magazine’s interview with Eldredge, it was one of the greatest experiences of his entire career. The heart-warming love song will give you butterflies and leave you wanting more from Eldredge. The “Wanna Be That Song” video is much different than Eldredge’s past videos. The majority of it is in black and white, giving the song a romantic and charming vibe. The setting is Wrigley Baseball Field in Chicago, a very personal location to Eldredge having grown up three hours outside the city. The music video features a 1940’s

Ariana Hodes' "Last Night's Makeup"

In Ariana Hodes’ new EP Last Night’s Makeup she successfully mixes her unique garage-country sound with her powerful voice. Similar to female vocalists of the ‘70s, Hodes’ sound is different and intriguing. The first track on the EP called “Workin’ To Drink” mixes her long swingy drawls with a punk rock feel that connects the feelings of a long work day to just wanting a dang drink! Her second single “Beggin”, with its fast paced rock beat mixed with twangy strings will be sure to “Get your butt out on this floor” as Hodes says throughout the chorus. A more somber side of Hodes is shown in her track titled “Never Lose Sight.”A slow song with crying strings encourages listeners to not lose s

The Morrison Brother's Band New Single "Party at My House"

The Morrison Brothers Band has got me feeling the summer vibes with their new single “Party at My House!” The album came out in late April, gearing listeners up for the start of summer. It’s an awesome track to put on your playlists to rock out to at a summer party with your pals and get into a good mood for a fun night ahead! The song portrays a hopin’ house party that will be unforgettable and the time of your life. Chill back with some friends, drink a few beers, listen to some good music… sounds like the perfect summer evening to me!! The song stays upbeat and catchy throughout and you will find yourself singing along in no time. Don’t miss out on this awesome new single by the local Nas

Callie Twisselman's EP single "Party Lights" Review

When Callie first arrived in Music City, she was incredibly overwhelmed by the large amount of talent swarming the streets and the determination of these up and coming artists. But with determination, Callie recorded her first CD within several years and gained much experience in this small amount of time. She learned the importance of good lyrics, high quality musicians and became more of a perfectionist in her work. ​Fast forward to February of 2015 when Callie released her five-song EP, Party Lights. The first single, “Breathe” made the Top 30 on MusicRow’s Country Breakout and caught the attention of many country fans. The next single, “Hung Up On The Line,” also hit the Top 30 very quic

Lily Nelsen's "Heartbeat Soundtrack" Review By Gina Gaca

Lily Nelsen’s new album Heartbeat Soundtrack is just that; a soundtrack of her heartfelt loves and let downs that so many young women experience. The pop-country sound of Heartbeat Soundtrack is extremely catchy and the honest lyrics really make you feel like you have a friend out there, somewhere, that knows what you’re going through. “Next Ex” portrays Nelsen’s “been there, done that, over it” attitude and it’s the perfect pick-me-up after getting out of a relationship with the “player.” “Don’t Call Me Babe” is another favorite where Nelsen puts an ex in their place when they slap her with the dreaded “I still want to be friends” comment that no young woman wants to hear. “For the Love of

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