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Faith Hill On Upcoming Tour - Breaking Out The Moves

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are one of the most famous country music couples in history. In early October, they officially announced their 2017 WORLD tour. This will be the first time touring together in over a decade. Needless to say, us country lovers are extremely excited about this news! Faith and Tim interviewed with Bobby Bones from iHeart radio , where they gave a little more details of the tour. Faith at first stated she would not be dancing in her show. Faith saw Beyonce - not once - but TWICE in one summer, and she decided to take on dance lessons. Hill explained, “[the show] Inspired me to take dance lessons, legit dance lessons. But not to put into my show, because I don’t know how

Chris Young - "It Must Be Christmas" Album Review

Chris young has always been an extremely talented vocalist. His album, It Must Be Christmas, shows off these vocals to the fullest. You can basically feel the warm fireplace and hot cocoa upon first listen of this album. Each song showcases his warm, velvety vocals. Chris’s flawlessly executed melodies and pitch perfect notes will truly take the listener into a winter wonderland. It Must Be Christmas features classic Christmas tunes such as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, “The Christmas Song”, and more. Each of these classics Chris young adds his own personal style and flare both instrumentally and lyrically. Young pairs up with Brad Paisley for their

"Song for Another Time" Old Dominion - Single Review

Old Dominion’s single, “Song for Another Time” is one of the most cleverly-worded songs of country music today. This song is a lyrical mashup set to their own melody. They selected two-dozen classic, well-known songs that were made famous throughout history – and created a love story from them. The song is about lovers making the most of the present moments they have, even when knowing the other may soon be gone. “So before we turn in I can't make you love me Let's be brown eyed girl sweet Caroline Free fall small town Saturday night Before you lose that loving feeling Let's go dancing on the ceiling Keep on living that teenage dream Paradise city where the grass is green Pretty soon I'll be

Mo Pitney - "Behind This Guitar"

Many classic country supporters are on cloud nine for rising neotraditional country singer, Mo Pitney. A 23-year old from Illinois, Pitney is most well- known for his single, “Country”, released in 2014. This song hit the charts at number 34. After a long period of waiting, Mo finally released his new full length record – “Behind This Guitar”. The title track is very personable, genuine, and authentic. The funny part is that Mo was not one of the writers listed on this song. Somehow, songwriters Casey Beathard, Don Sampson and Phil O’Donnell, hit the nail on the head. Mo explains how we grew up behind his guitar – which occurred from his big dream to be a country artist. Mo also has a very f

Lennon and Maisy Added to Billboard's "Under 21" List

Lennon and Maisy – Added to Billboard’s “Under 21” List Many people know Lennon and Maisy from their roles of Maddie and Daphne Conrad on the hit TV show, “Nashville”. However, the two young girls got their start long before they premiered on this show. Lennon, 17 and Maisy, 12, are some on the youngest artists to ever see this much success, this early. They started their journey by posting YouTube videos of their singing two part harmonies at a very young age. Overnight At the time, Maisy was only 7 and Lennon was only 12. Over the years, their cover videos allowed them to gain 750,000 subscribers, millions of views, big roles in a hit TV show and even a spot on Good Morning America. Althou

Chase Rice - "Everybody We Know Does" Single Review

Chase Rice’s recently released single, “Everybody We Know Does”, is a driving country rock anthem that is sure to be extremely successful. Many feel that it is a huge step in his career. Chase Rice told “Taste of Country” that the inspiration of the song stemmed from time spent at his farm in Tennessee, while he reflected on his past. Songwriter Jeremy Bussey teamed up with Chase to co-write "Everybody We Know Does". It was so well written and catchy that six other country stars admitted they wanted it on their own albums. This song is sure to be a hit within the next few months. Chase's lyrics stem straight from his upbringing and reveal many aspects of who he is. This song is raw and authe

CMT’s "Artist of a Lifetime Award" Will Be Received By Shania Twain

It is safe to say that Shania Twain has made a mark in the world of music country music that will go down in history. Twain is one of the best-selling artists of all-time and has sold over 75 million records. On top of all that, Shania’s list of achievements is about to grow one step further. In a few weeks, Twain will be holding CMT’s “Artist of a Lifetime” Award. It’s already impressive that she is receiving this honorable award which has been in the hands of past recipients such as Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, and more. What is even more impressive is - Shania Twain will become the first female artist in HISTORY to hold this award in her hands. The CMT Artists of the Year will make its p

Jam Out to New Single by Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"

Catchy, musically intelligent, and relatable to multiple generations. What more could a listener ask for in a song? “80s Mercedes”, Maren Morris’ Sophomore single, was released in June 2016, and hit the charts shortly after. The song entered the radio at No. 53, and has now hit the top 25 in airplay. The music video for “80s Mercedes” made its debut in August This single currently sits at number 17 on Billboard’s “hot country” chart. Upon hearing this song, I was instantly jamming along. Even from the get-go, this song takes on influences of classic rock with strong hits and guitar licks. You can’t help but bob your head as soon as the song starts. It has a very exciting and fun element to i

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