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Oh, you KNOW we’re gonna be CRANKIN THIS! After 15 long years, country legend Shania Twain just announced she has a new album on the way! Set to release in September, Twain claims this album is unlike anything we have heard before. Shania stated, “There might be more variety on this album than on any (of my) other albums. There will be some surprises on there. I think there are a couple of things on there that are more classic me from the past. It’s relatable.” Some of the themes Twain emphasises on this album are independence and power. Twain decided to write all of the songs on this album by herself: “It needed to be really pure and my own story and my own emotional journey,” she tells Rol

Brad Paisley to Release New Album "Love and War" as Country's First Visual Album

Following the release of his new album "Love and War" on Friday April 21, Brad Paisley has just announced that as a companion piece to the audio record, he will be releasing an additional visual record for the album this Friday, April 28! Just what we've always wanted, the ability to watch 16 Brad Paisley music videos back to back to back! This will mark the introduction of the visual album to the country music genre, a concept that will surely be adapted by many more in the genre as the popularity of this new musical phenomenon continues to grow. It wasn't until after the music video for the album's lead single, "Today" was released that Paisley decided, "Hey, I could totally make this whol

Carrie Underwood Surprises Husband’s Team With Stunning National Anthem Performance

Monday, April 17th was a very special day for the Nashville Predators. Not only did they BEAT the Blackhawks, but they also were caught off guard by a surprise guest to kick it all off. The arena was PACKED while anxious fans awaited the start of the game. Suddenly, the announcer “Please rise and welcome seven-time Grammy winner and longtime Nashville Predators fan Carrie Underwood!” The crowd completely erupted with applause. Carrie SLAYED her performance (as usual) while the entire audience went crazy. Shortly after, Nashville mayor Megan Barry joined Carrie on the Ice. They both performed the infamous “towel twirl”, and the crowd joined in with them. What a great start to the Predator’s f

"Do You Wanna" Check Out the New Eric Van Houten EP? Heck YES you do!

Are you looking for a good time? Well then look no further! This new three song EP from Eric Van Houten is a party on a disc! Having spent the last few years on the road with acts like Kip Moore, Chris Young, Jake Owen and Old Dominion, Eric Van Houten has learned what it takes to entertain a crowd. In this EP, you can hear the passion and energy he carries of what feels like a live performance burned straight onto a record. The EP begins with the track "Do You Wanna". This tune is the story of an old love coming back into town and a revival of the good old times had together. It begins with some delay-heavy guitar, reminiscent of U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" but more countryfied. T

Chris Stapleton is BACK with Heavenly New Single "Broken Halos"

Since the release of his fiery debut album, Traveller, fans of country music everywhere have been eagerly awaiting for a follow-up from Chris Stapleton! The wait is almost over friends, and if this single is any indication, then it will be well worth it. Not only is Stapleton releasing his sophomore effort, From a Room: Volume 1, on May 5, but the record will also feature an additional volume two, which will be released later this year! After years of being one of country's biggest secrets, Stapleton took the music scene by storm when he was finally able to make the transition from writer to artist. And not just your run of the mill artist status. Chris Stapleton went from being a name withi

The Maverick's latest LP "Brand New Day" is a Refreshing Taste of the Old School Count

It's hard to accurately sum up the career of The Mavericks in just a few words. First of all, they began in the late 80's playing in the punk/alternative scene of Miami, Florida, frequently playing on the same bill as acts like Marilyn Manson. Wait.. what...? This may give you an odd idea of what this band could possibly sound like, and might make you wonder why Crank it Country would be doing a review for a band like this. However, their music is actually a rocking and eclectic mix of neotraditional country, Latin styles, and rockabilly. After releasing an independent, self-titled album in 1990, they signed with MCA Records in Nashville and released their first major label recording in 199

Pilgrimage Music Festival Returns for a Third Year with it's Heaviest Hitting Line-up Yet!!!

Wowzers! Triumphantly returning for a third year in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee, the 2017 Pilgrimage Festival boasts perhaps its strongest and most star-studded lineup to date. After such a killer debut lineup in 2015 featuring stars like Willie Nelson, Wilco, Chris Stapleton, Sheryl Crow, and Weezer (which I was very fortunate to attend), I didn't think they could possibly set up a bill to top that. In my opinion, the 2016 lineup was solid, but couldn't compare to that of the previous year. However, I've been BLOWN away by what a nutso lineup they've produced for this year, with so many heavy hitters from all across the board! Justin Timberlake, perhaps the biggest pop star of our time, a

You'll be up all night jamming Denny Strickland's new single "We Don't Sleep"

Wooo Weee it's getting hot and heavy in here with this SIZZLING new single from Denny Strickland! When you throw on this record, you immediately get smacked by his influences from all across the board. From George Strait and Waylon Jennings to Lana Del Ray and Young Money; this guy is a melting pot that'll put you right in the mood to be sending that "U up?" text at two in the morning. The track opens up with some ambient synth tones and then the soft picking of an acoustic guitar. If his old-soul, country crooner voice doesn't immediately get you going (first of all, you're crazy), just wait until the drop of the chorus where all bets are off! In Strickland's words, "We're ready to ROCKIFY,

Comical Song Assures Willie Nelson’s Fan’s He Is “Still Not Dead"

On Tuesday, April 4, SiriusXM conducted a live interview with Willie Nelson. This took place at the Music City Theater in Nashville. In this interview, Willie chats about a song from his newest album, God’s Problem Child. This song jokes around about the recent internet rumor that he has died. Y’all, this song is hilarious. I love his attitude about the rumors in these lyrics: “I woke up still not dead again today / The internet said I had passed away / If I died, I wasn’t dead to stay / I woke up still not dead again today.” “Still Not Dead” was co-written with Buddy Cannon, a longtime friend of Nelsons. It is said that they co-wrote this after looking at all the different hoax stories. One

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