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Scott Wyatt Highlights the Importance of Minimalism in Country Music on his Latest Release "The

Country artist, Scott Wyatt, has just released an album from a live session recording in Jackson, Tennessee, and boy it'll hit you right in the feels! In this stripped down acoustic performance, Wyatt proves himself to be a master raconteur and takes country music back to it's storytelling roots, turning away from the over-production that is so prevalent in the genre today. Backing up from the record, let's take a second to talk a little bit about Wyatt's musical journey that got him here. Scott grew up around music and was heavily influenced by Elvis Presley early on (how could you not be though?). He began his musical career in 2006 as an acoustic indie rock/pop artist. This path served hi

Collin Mills - "Long Time Coming" - Single Review

Collin Mills's newest single , "Long Time Coming" has officially been released to ALL country radio. Take it from us, this guy is going places. Collin Mills got his start at a very early age. His bio reads, "Born in a small town in Oklahoma, famous for having the 'World's Largest Peanut', Collin's story has all the makings of a country song. His musical journey began at age 10, when his parents bought him an electric guitar. After years of practice...(and driving the entire family crazy); his playing finally started to resemble something close to actual music. After playing in several rock bands during his school years, he discovered Musical Theatre in College; where he performed roles i

This just in... Country Music Stars Make A Lot of Money

The wait is over folks! After much speculation on whether or not country music stars are actually raking in the big ones, Forbes confirms that, indeed, country music stars are LOADED! In fact, the grand total of the top 11 richest country artists on Forbes's list caps out at just shy of 400 million dollars ($394.5 mil to be exact). While these stars have definitely netted a lot of money on the backbone of their music alone, it is important to note from a business perspective that most of these stars gain a lot of money from other endorsements or business endeavors. Coming in at the number 1 spot with a whopping $60 million (almost $20 million more than the runner-up) was to no surprise, Gart

Check Out Smithfield's Sexy New Single "When You're Gone" (Don't Worry, It&#39

The male/female duo is an iconic partnership in country music. From the early days of Johnny and June duets up to the present day with this more recent pairing of Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder, when a perfect pairing of voices and personalities come together, something magical happens. Smithfield is a rising country duo out of Texas. Trey and Jennifer were just childhood friends until one Thanksgiving dinner when Trey's cousin mentioned to Jennifer that the two of them should start singing together. Trey messaged her on Facebook to schedule a jam sesh, and now they're in Nashville tearing up the scene in pursuit of the country music dream. Since their debut 8 song EP came out in 2015, fans

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