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Kenny Chesney Gives College Students a chance to shine in his new music video - “All The Pretty Girl

When most think Kenny Chesney, they think summertime, good vibes, and sunshine. His song “All The Pretty Girls” encompasses all these, while adding in themes of summer flings and youth. What better way to showcase this than through the youth themselves? The music video for the single is unlike anything he has ever put out before. Why? Because college kids were asked to submit their take on the song through their own video - hoping for a chance to win and be featured as the official video for “All the Pretty Girls”. Belmont students Jessica Martinez and William Renner were the winners of the contest. In a recent press release, they explained the process of filming: “We thought the first day w

Fresh With a New Name, Run Colt Run (FKA Cities) Talks About Their Take on Rock N' Roll, The LA

Q.) You recently changed the name of your band from Cities to Run Colt Run? What sparked the change? A.) - I think for me it was the end of an era. We had changed members so much over the years. Now it's such a great group of dudes that love playing in this band. It was time to give the project a fresh start. It's kinda like baking a fresh cake vs adding sprinkles to an old stale one; both are edible but one is going to be a much better experience. - Bobby (Vocals/Guitar) - I love the name "Cities" because we are all from different parts of the world. - Jose (Drums) - As much as the old name meant to us, we are living in times where the online presence of a brand plays a vital role in its

Shania's Hot New Single, "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed"

Yall. SHANIA IS BACK! And better than ever. She proves this in her new tune, “Swinging With My Eyes Closed” , which was released to all music platforms on August 18th. This song is the latest single release from her new album, Now, which is set to come out September 29th. (Believe me, we’re counting down the days!) Shania’s new single showcases her powerful and controlled vocals. With an island-inspired groove, the tune features various instruments such as horns and congas. The chorus explodes into a inspiring and catchy hook with beautifully written lyrics - “I’m swingin’ with my eyes closed / Got my hair down / A wide open road / I’m swingin’ with my eyes closed / Only God knows how far it

Jones & Fischer's "Perfect Kinda Crazy" is our Perfect Kinda Song

Jones & Fischer are a rising independent country group in a place not necessarily so well-known for it's country scene. Darin Jones and Caleb Fischer are the two-driving forces behind the group pioneering a country music scene in the Pacific Northwest. When you think about the Pacific Northwest, usually you think of a music scene saturated with grunge, indie, and ambience (well at least I do). But with these two guys combining inspiration from both of their hometowns of Seattle, Washington and San Antonio, Texas, they create a unique sound that blends their roots in a way to creates quite the wonderful sound and style. It's inspiring to see a country act that really goes against the grain of

Kelsea Ballerini's New Record Isn't Out Until November 3rd But Check Out How You Can Hear So

Since the release of her monumental debut record For the First Time, fans have been eagerly awaiting for the follow-up from one of the youngest voices to shake up the country music game. She released the first single "Legends" from the upcoming record in early June and just today she released the title-track "Unapologetically". Now, while we wait out the seemingly endless 3 months between now and November 3rd, the "Dibs" singer has teamed up with the Foursquare Swarm app, marking the first musical collaboration with the life-logging app. So how does this work you may be asking? It's actually incredibly simple and easy (Even for the technologically challenged out there such as myself)! Here's

We "Label" Ayla Brown's New Single as: FIRE!

Okay, Y’all. Stop what you’re doing and give Ayla Brown’s new single a listen. From the very first note, this song instantly caught our attention. Why? It is a fun, driving, pop/rock groove that makes you bob along. With banjo keeping it country and deep dance-like drums adding a pop flare, we “Label” this song AWESOME! "Label" was co-written between Ayla Brown and writer Erik Halbig. The content of this song is gold. Most of us have been in a situation where we are in an “almost” relationship and not really sure how to define it - typically because one party is too cowardly to put a “label” on it. Ayla comes at this with sass , saying - “I dare ya to find out / What you’ve been missin' / Y

Old Dominion - "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" Review

Old Dominion’s new single, “No Such Thing As a Broken Heart” - was finally released on March 10th. Anyone who has attended one of their shows on their “Meat and Candy” tour has heard them play this live. Every time they play it live, people get on their feet and clap along. This song was born to be a hit song , and it is quickly climbing up the charts ever since it’s release. The song takes on a perfect blend of pop and rock influences. Beginning with a upbeat and light guitar lick , this song instantly captures the listener’s attention. The song takes on a perfect blend of pop and rock influences. Offbeat claps accompany this guitar lick until Old Dominion comes in with a captivating first

Heidi Raye's EP "Worth a Shot" is Definitely Worth a Listen!

Wow, get ready to be listening to this record on repeat for the rest of summer! The highly anticipated EP from Canadian country artist, Heidi Raye is here and boy does it have some CRANKIN tunes on it! Heidi Raye was born to be a performer. She spent most of her childhood doing theatre, taking dance and vocal lessons, and teaching herself how to play a number of instruments. Growing up in the small town of Dawson Creek in Northern British Columbia, she planned on moving to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. However, her high level of intellect had other plans for her. She received a scholarship to attend UNBC for a nursing degree and the Nashville move had to be put on hold. She

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