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Kelsea Ballerini 2018 Headlining Tour Announced

WOOHOO! Kelsea Ballerini is back at it for her SECOND headlining tour! She made the announcement Monday (October 30th) and fans couldn’t be more excited! Kelsea’s first headlining tour, “The First Time”, was such a success that she couldn’t WAIT to get back out there again. Country newcomer Walker Hayes, singer of the charting “You Broke Up With Me”, will be the opening act. The tour will begin in February and go through April, although more dates may be announced in the future. Kelsea Recently told the media, "I’m so excited because it is my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my life. We did it last December, and I didn’t know if I could do it or not, because I had never tried. I was like, ‘I

Wildest Hair In Country Music

It's no secret that cha boi ConConFerzy has some pretty wacky hair (some of it stemming from trying to light a grill and catching a significant chunk of the front on fire). But as long as you can find your own individual style and attitude with it, you can rock any hairstyle you've got. No doubt, country music has seen a wide array of artists with wild or unique hairstyles that often times become synonymous with their image. Because of this, we decided to gather a collection some of the most iconic and finest follicle work in country music to share with YOU! What's more iconic than writing a song about how awesome your hair is and missing it when it's changed?? Though it didn't receive much

Morgan Wallen feat. FGL - “Up Down” Single Review

For those of y’all who don’t know about Morgan Wallen, you are missing out! The country newcomer grew up 3 hours out of Nashville. His bio reads, “Wallen moved to Nashville in July 2015, not sure what he would find, but convinced that he should at least give his dreams a legitimate shot. Less than a year later, he’d already been signed to Big Loud Records, recorded some initial tracks with producer Joey Moi (Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen) and hit the road on his first radio promotion tour.” Needless to say, Morgan Wallen will be shooting to the top before we know it. Wallen’s radio single, “The Way I Talk” reached top 30 country airplay in the United States, and was a great introduction of

Kenney Chesney - 2018 Dates Announced for Trip Around The Sun Tour

Kenny Chesney is yet AGAIN taking on another nationwide stadium tour. Here’s how he feels about it: “I am ready to get out there and kick into another summer where we can all celebrate how lucky we are to love life and be able to come together…” He describes how last tour was full of so many memories, so he obviously couldn’t resist doing it all over again. The Trip Around The Sun Tour officially kicks off in April 2018. The best part? The killer lineup. Alongside the extremely talented Kenny Chesney are Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion, and newcomer Brandon Lay. In a recent press release, Kenney expressed his excitement, saying, “There’s nothing like a stadium full of people coming together to re

Punctuation... It Saves Lives

Too often we forget our basic rules of grammar and punctuation. We are instilled with them when we are young, but as time progresses, we tend to replace the space in our minds with more useless information. However, I think that these rules of language and phrasing will not soon be forgotten again by country star, Chase Rice, who made a Twitter grammar faux pas over the weekend that left the whole internet laughing and questioning. The tweet should have been innocent enough. Well, excluding the use of the expletive. "Jamming to Alan Jackson. F$*#kin a man." Tweeted out at 3 am, I imagine that his intentions were only good and pure. Just trying to spread some late night love about Alan Jackso

Who's the Real Jason Aldean?? Check Out This Tribute Artist Who Looks EXACTLY Like the Real Thin

Look at the picture above. First glance, who do you think that is? DUH, it's Jason Aldean. WAIT. No it's not! Pictured above, my friends, is the unbelievably on point Jason Aldean doppelgänger. Greg West of the Ultimate Aldean Tribute is seriously a long lost twin kind of embodiment of everything Jason, from looks to sound to stage presence! Greg moved to Nashville chasing that country music dream in 2007. When he would return home, everyone thought that he had changed his name to Jason Aldean and made it big! In 2011, when Jason hit it big with his smash hit "Dirt Road Anthem", the cases of mistaken identity started coming in in torrents. Figuring he could maybe make something of this wonde

[REVIEW] - Russell Dickerson's Killer Debut Album

On Friday (October 13th), rising country star, Russell Dickerson, released his first major-label studio album, “Yours”. His hit single of the same title was recently RIAA certified Gold, and was named “best wedding song of 2016” by multiple platforms. This song was a major breaking point for Russell, who has been working on his music for many years. Dickerson’s new album is nothing short of amazing. He showcases many styles including pop, country, rock, alternative, and even doo-wop. It is safe to say that this album has a little bit of everything for a wide range of listeners. The first track of the album, “Every Little Thing” is a happy, uptempo, danceable song about loving everything abou

Renee Olstead's Beautiful Cover of "Help Me Make It Through the Night" Will Leave You

It always makes you both inspired and infuriated when you come across a person who's natural talent isn't limited to just one field. Renee Olstead, who first gained attention in the public eye for her television work in shows like Still Standing and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, also turns out to be one UNBELIEVABLY talented vocalist! On Friday the 13th, she released her latest single "Help Me Make It Through the Night", and I'm gonna need someone to help me make it through the song without getting emotional! Though it might not be common knowledge to some of her less committed followers, Olstead has always been involved in music from the beginning. She signed her first record de

Garth Brooks Breaks Record With SIX MILLION Concert Tickets Sold

Unsurprisingly, Garth Brooks has wowed us again.The country star managed to sell SIX MILLION concert tickets for his world tour with Trisha Yearwood. After reigning in 60 cities and selling five million earlier this year, Garth was blown away by Indianapolis - the city that helped him hit the six million mark. In celebration, Garth gave everyone at the indianapolis show a white T-shirt reading, “6,000,000 Tickets - American Touring Record”. They were also given a towel reading the same phrase. Garth recently created an instagram post with the caption reading, “We did this TOGETHER! THANK YOU for being part of the 6 MILLION!! Every ticket has a story and I would LOVE to hear yours!!! Join me

(LISTEN) Maren Morris dedicates ‘Dear Hate’, her new song, to Las Vegas shooting victims

Sunday night, October 1st 2017 was a tragic and horrific night for the country music community - fans, industry leaders, and artists alike. We’re sure everyone has seen the news articles so we need not explain. All of this chaos traces back to one soul factor: HATE. Maren Morris hit the nail on the head when she released her brand new single, “Dear Hate”. Morris Wrote this song three years ago, and recorded it last year with country artist Vince Gill. Maren stated in a recent social media post that fans had been asking about when she would release this song for a long time. Maren stated she “never knew when would be the right time, but I realized today that there’s never a right time.” “Dear

Midland...I'll Take Three of Them "On The Rocks" Please

As you may have already heard, country band Midland recently dropped their first album, “On The Rocks,” and it’s already a hit. The Washington Post is calling it “the year’s best country album,” as the music nods to the old Wild West, but still gives it a modern twist. But, what you may not have heard is that the trio is seriously talented outside of the music world. Guitarist Jess Carson used to run Reveille, a clothing store in Portland, Oregon before joining the up-and-coming country group. The shop sold handcrafted clothing, and Carson himself even designed a menswear line for the store’s brand. Perhaps the most surprising tidbit about the band is that bassist Cameron Duddy is a music vi

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