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Luke Bryan's Family Got a Puppy For Christmas and We Are IN LOVE!

It is no secret that Luke Bryan had an amazing Christmas this year with his family. The country star posted a photo on social media of an ADORABLE puppy that is making all of our hearts melt. On Saturday (December 23), Bryan posted a photo that makes our hearts oh-so-warm, of one of the cutest puppies we have ever seen. The photo was posted to Instagram with a short and sweet caption that read, “Puppies for present.” Luke Bryan’s newest member to the family is too cute for words. It is pretty much smaller than his hand, and looks so soft you want to pet your phone or computer screen. Fans went absolutely berserk following the posting of the photo, outpouring love and happy tear / heart emoji

Heidi Raye Wants to Wish You Merry Christmas!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and everyone's favorite Heidi Raye wants to wish you Merry Christmas; and as crazy as it sounds, she doesn't mean any offense by that!!! In her latest single, "I'm Gonna Wish You Merry Christmas", Heidi gives us her unique, quirky and unapologetic attitude in a wildly catchy Christmas tune, complete with jingle bells! "I was waiting in a long line down at the Wal-Mart, eggnog and a turkey in my shopping cart, when I said two words you ain't supposed to say no more". The song opens with these lines, and Heidi innocently doing some Christmas shopping and trying to spread a little cheer. But whatever you do Heidi, DON'T CALL CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS. "I did

Big City Cowgirl's "We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here" is a Bar Anthem for the Nut in All

Sondra Toscano, or Big City Cowgirl to most, has just released her latest CRANKIN single, "We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here". The song is a celebration for those of us who are a little nuts and are completely okay with that! I'M DEFINITELY HERE FOR THIS! "Come on in, Come on in, you'll fit in, we got all kinds of crazy in here". Listening to this track makes you feel like you've just stumbled into the wildest, most fun, and most accepting bar of all time! Everyone is welcome and everyone is just a little nuts, what could be better! We got to have a little Q&A sesh with Sondra about this new tune and about music in general! Check it out below. Q: What kind of work do you do and how did you get

Have you heard about Matt Westin?? Well you will soon!!!

We at Crank It Country like to try and promote up and coming artists as much as we like talking about artists that are household names. Well, get ready for this up and comer to be up and coming into your house as the next household name! Matt Westin, born and bred in a middle class suburb of Pittsburg, had an interest in music throughout his life, growing up on artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Frank Sinatra. He only recently decided that it was time for him to pursue it with his whole heart as a career. Unfortunately, it was the death of his father in 2016, that led him to realize he wanted to pursue a dream that would make his father proud. But rather than fall into depression and self-d

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