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LANCO Have Potential To Change Country Music With Hallelujah Nights Debut

Authenticity is a strange term thrown around in the music industry today. When you take a look at the Billboard Hot 100, the influence of godlike rock guitar tones and the electrifying touch of synthesizers that was prevalent in the later half of the 20th century can be found in a strong handful of the tracks. Music is more compressed than ever and in this digital age, where any mistake can be fixed by a flip of the switch, artists have taken these influences and factors and have created masterpieces, and most listeners couldn't be happier with the "perfect" sound. Whether it be a fad or a new, powerful direction music is going in, the sounds of our influencers are more prevalent than they'v

New Kalie Shorr EP Coming Your Way!

We are so excited to share that Kalie Shorr’s brand new EP comes out on January 26, 2018! Kalie is a singer-songwriter in today’s trending country music who is increasingly growing in popularity. And she will be releasing her seven-song collection called “Awake” which is now available for pre-sale! Shorr’s song, “Two Hands”, is her lead single and is already released on Apple Music, Spotify, and several radio stations including Tune-In Country Roads and Radio Disney Country. The successful single gives a fun vibe that will get your head moving! Shorr has an enjoyable pop-country feel that listeners with youthful energy and has a passion toward woman’s empowerment. In a release, Shorr discuss

"Going Country" Helps Artists Go Country?

Dierks Bentley has just unleashed the first single off his upcoming album ‘The Mountain’ titled ‘Woman Amen’, an Everest-sized anthem dedicated to his wife, Cassidy. Written by Bentley, Josh Kear, and Ross Copperman (Bentley’s frequent writing partners), the new direction of Bentley’s sound may come to a pleasant surprise to those not familiar with his latest musical endeavor. Similar to Tim Mcgraw’s adventurous project back in 2004, ‘Live Like You Were Dying’, a record in which McGraw wrote entirely in the mountains of upstate New York, Bentley’s taken his recording equipment to the mountains of Telluride, Colorado; thus inspiring the simplistic title of the record. The drums ring out as if

Kassi Ashton's Debut Single "California, Missouri" Is An Anthem for the Small Town Out

"I graduated with 86 sheep, I was the black one. If there was a reputation to be had in this town, I had the bad one." Kassi isn't holding anything back as she shares her soul with us in her debut single, "California, Missouri". The song is a fearless mid-tempo ballad about being an outsider inside of your own small town. To Kassi though, being labeled the outsider or "the black sheep", isn't necessarily a bad thing. It might not have made it easy for her growing up there, but it definitely made it easier for her to realize that living there forever wasn't the life she was meant to lead. While this is very much a CRANKIN country song, Kassi definitely draws a lot of inspiration from soulful

It "Don't Get Better Than..." LOCASH's Newest Single!

LoCash has officially released their newest single and it is FIRE! We are seriously OBSESSED with this song. “Don’t Get Better Than That” was first debuted on the Megyn Kelly Today (December 29th, 2017). The duo truly brought their well-known electrifying energy to the performance and drew listeners in everywhere! “Don’t Get Better Than That” is PACKED with positivity, which is such a breath of fresh air to start off 2018. With lyrics that appreciate the happy things in life such as “Ever heard the words ‘I love you daddy’ / Felt the waves touch your toes on the coast of Cali / Lost count counting stars cause there’s just so many in the sky” and “Ever Hit that shot when everybody’s lookin /

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