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5 Jason Aldean Songs You Should CRANK UP on his Birthday

Today marks 41 years of Jason Aldean's trips around the sun! In celebration of the country giant's birthday, here are our top 5 picks that you should be CRANKIN UP on this most special of days!!! 5. "You Make It Easy" You gotta love his old stuff, but on the other hand, you've gotta keep moving forward with the artist. The latest single from Jason shows a lot of promise for his next record to come and we are SO STOKED for it. Since he decided to be all artistic and such with his three music videos for the tune, here's a live performance of it from The Tonight Show. 4. "Night Train" A beautiful love song about escaping into the night with your honey. "I got a blanket and a fifth of Comfort".

Jacob Bryant's "Pour Whiskey on my Grave" is an Ode to the Party Life, Even When Life

What if funerals didn't have to be viewed as a sad occasion? What if rather than mourning over our fallen friends and family, we partied like hell and celebrated the life they lived the way that they would have wanted us to? Who knows. All that is certain though, is when it's Jacob Bryant's turn to be put in the dirt, he wants you to throw the party of a lifetime. In a booming low voice, Bryant howls at the beginning, "When I'm gone don't bring me pretty flowers, and don't sit and cry for me at my tombstone/Come and visit me in the midnight hours, with your party on". From that point on, the party rages on hard. The description in the YouTube video for this song reads "modern outlaw country

Debut Ashley McBryde Album Coming March 30th!

Be on the look out country fans. Ashley McBryde is releasing her debut album on March 30! The rapidly trending country singer-songwriter hails from Arkansas and opens shows for artists Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton, and Eric Church. Musically, she is prolific with her vibrant story-telling lyrics and CRANKIN vocals. In this project, McBryde states that her album is inspired by her high school math teacher. She states, “I was back in Algebra class, and we were going around the room saying what we wanted to do when we grew up. When it got to me, I said, ‘I’m going to move to Nashville and write songs, and they’re going to be on the radio.’ The teacher looked at me and said, ‘That won’t happ

"In Between" - Scotty McCreery's KILLER New Single!

HEYY CRANK-ERS! Time for a brand new review of a ROCKIN’ single - Scotty McCreery’s “In Between”! This song is the newest release from his upcoming album, “Seasons Change”. Rolling Stone Describes the song as “a mature, nuanced view of life - on where there’s a time and place for everything and the world is rarely black and white”. Scotty Truly showcases his growth in this tune - both in sound and in lyric content. The song was co-written with Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander, and Jonathan Singleton. The song starts with a beautifully captivating acoustic guitar riff and steady kick drum. This song is jam packed with booming drums, driving guitars, and subtle ringing accents. In the booming and

Top 5 WORST Country Songs to Sing to a Significant Other on Valentines Day

Country Music's a dangerous battlefield of swingin' hips and emotion. Many fans of the genre on Valentine's Day will try their best not to get burned by Johnny Cash's ring of fire or stay away from Kenny Roger's attempt to decorate their lives. But sometimes, you just can't win the battle. Here are 5 songs we recommend NOT blasting in your truck down on Broadway on this holiday of love. 5. Dixie Chicks - "Goodbye Earl" Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends, all through their high school days... and they were also stone cold murderers. Domestic Violence is no laughing matter and there are several efficient ways of going about resolving the issue, but poisoning your husband with black e

"Anything is Possible" with the New Single from the Lovely Sisters of Southern Halo

It's still early enough in 2018 to say that a new year has just begun, right? Well, either way, with the start of every new year, there comes an array of opportunities and possibilities that, when placed in your hands, give you the power to decide what kind of year you're going to make it. With all of the hate and negativity in the world right now, it can be really easy to just go through the motions of what will move you on forward to the next year. Instead of getting stuck in this rather sad mindset, Southern Halo is here with their latest single to remind you that "Anything Is Possible"! The latest single from these angelic sisters (rocking some AWESOME Crank It Pink on the single cover b

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