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Southern Halo's "Just Like in the Movies" is the Box Office Smash of the Summer!!!

Roll out the red carpet y'all, and make way for these sensational singing sisters! Yes, it's true, the lovely ladies of Southern Halo have just gifted us with 14 tracks of CRANKIN new music! These songs come to us in the form of a concept record, based on a dream, turned into a screenplay, and in turn, is the soundtrack for said movie. Everybody follow that okay?? "Just Like in the Movies" is more than just a collection of songs for these girls. It's a biopic as an album; a memoir of their sisterhood and their journeys that have brought them to where they are today. The album begins with the girls eponymous track; serving as a mission statement of who they are, where they're from, and lettin

Rahn Anthoni's "Highway" is a Smooth-as-Butter Country Tune That'll Soothe Your Wo

Ride on down that highway. Put the car on cruise control, just below the speed limit. You don't need to be going nowhere fast. Ease the seat back. Roll the windows down just enough to get that nice cool breeze mussing up your carefully crafted hairdo. Crank up the volume on this new laid-back tune and find your pure bliss. Rahn Anthoni's latest diddy "Highway" has served as his introduction to the world of country music, but it's certainly not his introduction to the public eye. It all started for Rahn when he signed with the hip-hop label Beware Records and released the #1 single "Give Your Love to Me", produced by Tolga Katas. His breakout came in providing background vocals on the gospel

11 CRANKIN Songs for 4/20!!!

It's that magical day of the year that for whatever reason has become associated with smoking pot. While we would never condone any illegal activity, we do have a couple of songs that will get you in the Holidaze spirit! 11. It's All Going to Pot - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard What a better way to start off our countdown than a song by two outlaws about smoking weed because why the hell not? With lyrics like, "Best I can tell, the world's gone to hell and we're all gonna miss it a lot" sung by two guys who have lived some LIFE between the two of them, this is a song about just getting high as something to do. 10. I Must Be High - Wilco Wilco's 1995 debut album AM is alt-country at it's ab

2018 ACM Award Winners & Recap!!!

The evening of awards was not only entertaining with the celebration of the artists' CRANKIN achievements, but also moving as the country artists returned to Las Vegas for the first time after the deadly mass shooting in October 2017. Though it was emotional, the country music performed by the artists helped people to move forward and heal from those emotional wounds. First up, Miranda Lambert took home three awards and now has a record-breaking total of 32 award wins! She first received the Female Vocalist of the Year. Her song, "Tin Man", got awarded as the Song of the Year. She was awarded as both an artist and a songwriter in the recognition for heartbreaking (or heart completely absent)

"YOU" Need to Check out this KILLER Zek Richards EP and Learn his Incredible Story!!!

We got a chance to chat with this up and coming country artist over the phone about his music, his military past, and what's next. The phone call was not recorded but transcribed to pen and paper as best as could be while still keeping up with the conversation. Due to that, Zek's words you see are paraphrased to best represent his answers. CIC: You recently changed your artist name from Jonathan Richards to Zek Richards. What sparked the change? Zek: Honestly, it was more of a marketing thing than anything. There are just so many Jon or Jonathan Richards out there, it was hard for fans to find my music. I've been in the business for awhile and things were just seeming to stay pretty stagnant

Getting to Know "The Letting Go" Singer, Natalie Jean

When you think of your favorite artist, you probably associate them with a specific genre. Jason Aldean; Country, Led Zeppelin; Rock n' Roll, B.B. King; Blues etc. etc. That typically comes from artists that find a sweet spot where they feel comfortable and know they can continuously churn out good songs. But what about artists who don't tie themselves down to just one thing? What about artists who go as far as to reinvent themselves for nearly every album? Well, the bluesy, jazzy, French/Pop, Haitian, Country artist Natalie Jean can do just that. I got a chance to chat with her on the phone for a bit and find out what her musical evolutions have meant to her. This phone conversation was not

New Spaghetti Western, Neo-Noir Film "Pickings" Reps a Killer Original Soundtrack!

There's a new spaghetti western noir film that just hit the theaters, and let me tell you, they had me at spaghetti. The story is focused around a group of mobsters trying to shake down a neighborhood bar. However, things don't go exactly as planned when they discover that the female bartender is a badass not to be trifled with. We were blessed with the opportunity to talk to one of the stars of the film, as well as the composer of most of the songs for the films all-original soundtrack, Katie Vincent! Here's what we learned... CIC: Can you talk about the soundtrack to this film and how it came to be? Katie: Pickings is a spaghetti western, neo-noir spectacle of a film! So! Then it came to c

New David Lee Murphy Album Release This Week!

Be CRANKIN ready country fans! David Lee Murphy's new album, No Zip Code, will be released on April 6th! It's going to be a hoot, as the album is co-produced by music sensation Kenny Chesney, along with his record producer Buddy Cannon! Murphy is one of the most successful and productive singer-songwriters in Nashville, widely known for his hit single, "Dust on the Bottle." He is an artist who started the modern style of country that has a rocking and head-bobbing feel. His music influences include Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, and Z.Z. Top. Kenny Chesney also says, “David Lee is the original—and the last of—the hillbilly rockstars. His groove, the way he lays into a melody is so smoo

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