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Why Country Music Matters

Country music has a bad reputation, specifically among those who are ignorant enough to not listen to it at all and then pass their judgement upon it. The reason as to why it’s considered bad? Who knows, maybe because it doesn’t have the same type of excitement as pop or indie? Maybe because the lyrics are straightforward and don’t usually hold hidden messages? Country music is like an 80’s science fiction movie; Linear, to the point, and generally lighthearted. In a time and age where every lyric can be interpreted as a political stance or as a jab to another artist, that clear cut meaning is probably one of the only things that keeps us sane. Country music as a genre likes to hold onto the

Soak Up the Sun and Take a Much Needed Vacay to Shari Rowe's "Beach Town"!!!

For me, it's Folly Beach, South Carolina. Childhood spent eating watermelon on my Grandmoo's porch. Cooling off in the water, attempting to surf, but really just flailing around on a board. Adolescence spent bringing way more people out to the beach house than the parentals would've deemed appropriate. Picking up a case of beer from an old 24 hour market that would never check for an ID because they'd known you forever. All the time spent soaking up the sun, breathing in the euphoric salty air, and loving the life of a beach bum. Whatever your old "Beach Town" is, Shari Rowe is here to take you there with her latest summer SPLASH hit! The song begins with a classy guitar riff that shimmers l

Ben Cesare Band's Self-Aware Debut Single "Damn Yankee" Tells the Story of a Northern

This is the summer of great new music y'all. Fresh off the presses on the first day of June, Ben Cesare Band has just released their debut single, "Damn Yankee". As Nashville traffic continues to get more and more miserable by the day, especially now as tourist season kicks into full force, it's really easy to be stuck behind some New York or Philadelphia license plate on I-40 and think to yourself, "Damn Yankee". Believe me, I've been there. But Ben Cesare is a different kinda Damn Yankee. Hailing from Boston, he already knows what all his below-the-mason-dixon-line critics have to say about him. He's damn proud of his damn yankee roots, and he's here to show you just how much southern char

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