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T-Swizzle CRANKED Up The Stage Saturday Night With Her Idols, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Now I don’t know how many Taylor Swift fans we have out there, but whether or not you think she’s talented, you have to admit that that girl is a savvy businesswoman. Beyond that, she has been extremely successful in the music industry and has most recently been on tour promoting her latest album, Reputation. She made it back to Nashville this past weekend for the homecoming show (Swift was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Nashville at the age of 14 to pursue a career in music) of her tour at Nissan Stadium, her first time headlining the stadium, and she did not disappoint her fans. Not only did she wow concertgoers with her new songs off of the Reputation album, but she sang some of her o

Conner's CRANKIN CMA Award 2018 Picks and Predictions!!!

Photo From Showbiz Junkies It's time again for yet ANOTHER country music awards show. Does anyone else think it's kind of odd that country music is the only genre that hosts it's own awards show where only artists of that genre can be in the running? Is the genre fading out of relevancy with the pop culture surrounding award shows like the Grammys and Billboard Awards and is now fighting to remain relevant through all sorts of television appearances like CMA Awards, ACM Awards, CMA Christmas etc.? Or, is it just that country music is a genre that likes to party at any chance it can get? I think that sounds more likely. Photo From Daily Mail The nominees for the 52nd Annual CMA Awards were an

Ben Cesare Band's Debut EP "Cesare's Palace" is the Country Rock Record You've

Et Tu, Brute? Y'ALL. Ben Cesare Band has just released their debut EP Cesare's Palace, and it's filled to the brim with perfect country rock music! Since the release of their debut single, "Damn Yankee", I've been itching for more music from this CRANKIN group. And lemme tell ya, this EP sure does not disappoint. Seven CRANKIN songs, each one just as ear buggy as the one before. Here's a run-down on some of our favorite tracks! With a title like Cesare's Palace, you might expect an album that's flashy or gaudy. However, this record is quite the opposite. At it's core, this record is a collection of truer than true, working man's country songs. It's about the importance and appreciation of th

Eagles Have Over-Taken "Thriller" as the Best Selling Album in the US with their "Gre

Photo From Stereogum Something that has always been tricky for me about the Eagles is the name. It always shows up in Google and Spotify searches as just "Eagles", but if they're coming to town, no one ever says "Hey, are you going to see Eagles?" it's always "Hey, are you going to see THE Eagles?" Proper diction and articles aside, the answer to that question should always be yes. Eagles have something pretty monumental to be celebrating right now though. The baby boomers have proven that they are still the ones controlling the market when it comes to buying physical copies of music, and Eagles' "Greatest Hits" album has just surpassed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as the top-selling album i

Country Music's Got Baby Fever!!!

Photo From People Magazine LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW, Y'ALL!!! I don't know what y'all think, but it seems to me like country music has been hit with some mad baby fever as of lately. Many of the genres most chart-topping performers have either recently had a baby or have one on the way. Maybe everyone's just around that age where they want to be starting a family and settling down. Or maybe there's something in the water here in Nashville. Either way, these adorable little rascals are popping out all over from all of our favorite artists. Here's a look at some stars who have recently decided to make their home a "Fuller House" (Let's just hope it goes better for them than it did the Netflix re

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