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Josh Gracin- "Good for You"- Taking Advantage of Country Music's Identity Crisis

Apple Music’s “Breaking Country” playlist is where I listened to Josh Gracin’s new single “Good for You” the first time. While there is plenty of great music to be found here, a lot of tracks on the 57 song playlist are, for lack of a better word, “breaking” country, if country were breakable. The musical and lyrical quality simply aren’t there. (I won’t name any names). When I was directed to “Good for You”, I was afraid I might encounter one of those songs, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. It only took through the first chorus to decide that Josh Gracin’s single isn’t breaking country at all, but perhaps fixing it. That being said, “Good for You” is far from being what anyone woul

Tim McGraw Stretches the Bounds of a "Single" with "Neon Church"

It has been just shy of three years since Tim McGraw has come out with new music as a solo artist. At the beginning of October he finally gave his fans something new to enjoy, and he did not disappoint. This soulful single, entitled “Neon Church,” strongly leans pop or even CCM with its production, featuring a tasteful and tender use of synth to back up a lead guitar line and minimalist percussion in the verse. After setting up the musical and emotional scene, it explodes into the chorus with strong bass, full drum kit, background vocals, and of course McGraw’s soaring tenor vocals that he has maintained so well over the years. This type of production is perfect for the lyric, which tells th

Dierks Bentley Tries His Hand in Television

Yesterday Variety posted exclusive information that Dierks Bentley is to produce a new comedy coming to Fox. The show will be single camera shot, and it will take place in a Nashville bar centered around musicians who frequent the bar. I am picturing a Cheers meets The Office meets Nashville, but that is yet to be seen. Bentley will be executive producing alongside Mary Hilliard; and Jack Burditt, seasoned television producer, will also be a producer on the project. The show is yet to be titled and we are not given cast or plans for premier date, but we will be eagerly awaiting more details on this Dierks Bentley endeavor.

Jimmy Allen Introduces His Mom and His Natural TV Personality on the Today Show

Jimmy Allen is brand new to country music stardom. He signed with Broken Bow Records in 2017, and released his debut EP in the same year. He has seen quite a bit of success right out off the gate with Broken Bow, and his first official single from the EP “Best Shot”, which hit the billboard country airplay charts 8 months ago, is enjoying a number 10 spot right now and climbing. He recently appeared on the Today Show’s segment “Guy’s Tell All” along side his mother, Angela, on “bring your parents” day at NBC. He was joined on the segment with the Bachelorette’s Jason Tartic, celebrity trainer and gym owner Don Saladino, and multiple reality show star Bob Guiney. Although Allen is even newer

Thomas Rhett and Shaq Have An Ax To Grind

Thomas Rhett may not have grown up in Nashville, but he certainly seems to be one of the best tour guides around. While many opt for the glamorous Grand Ole Opry or perhaps the Country Music Hall of Fame, Thomas had a different idea in mind when Shaquille O'Neal came to town. Rhett started off by taking the 7'1" 325 lb basketball star to eat at one of his favorite haunts, Bartaco. Shaq did his best to give into Thomas's RPF ("rich people food" for you newbies) pick of tuna poké, but couldn't bring himself to eat the raw fish. After lunch, the two tried the newest trend in activities -- ax throwing. While Thomas had a leg up on the athlete for most of the game, Shaq bested him in the last rou

Willie Shares His Reserve With the East

Willie Nelson is 85 years young and quite healthy. If you asked him, he would probably at least partially credit that to his years of unapologetic use of marijuana. Willie has been a huge proponent of cannabis products and their benefits for decades, recreational and medical uses alike. He is so passionate about the benefits of the plant that he founded a line of premium cannabis products called Willie’s Reserve, which partners with many hemp farmers and takes great care to make sure the products that end up in stores are top notch. Until recently, Willie’s Reserve was only represented in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, specifically California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon

Matt Campbell's "The Man with Everything"- A Refreshing Take on Country Music

Matt Campbell was originally from Colorado. He picked up a six string while he was in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he began to cut his teeth writing and performing regularly for the first time. In 2005 he released his first recorded album from the songs he’d written in the Coast Guard entitled “The East 3rd Street Waltz.” After one more musical release in the form of an EP, Campbell made his way to Chicago where he contributed to the music business in another way by starting a production company and label called The Chicago Talking Machine Co. In Chicago he continued to release his own music, but after 5 years of his endeavors on the windy banks of Lake Michigan, the Music City called. “I ca

"Back to Life"- An Auspicious New Beginning for Rascal Flatts

For the past 18 years, Rascal Flatts has faithfully released a new album every couple years for their sea of fans to enjoy, and they have certainly had no shortage of success on their releases, with 12 number one singles and 30 top ten’s from said albums. Now that their catalog of releases has reached ten full albums, and they are approaching 20 years since their debut self titled album, they are turning to a new model for their music. Upon the release of their new single “Back to Life” on Friday, the band reported to Billboard that it would most likely not belong to an upcoming album. They are going to subscribe to the singles-only business model for awhile, which other big country acts a

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