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One of the Last True Cowboy Tunes

Alright y'all, I'm gonna slow it down for you a bit this time. "Marlboro Man" is a true cowboy ballad, which is extremely rare nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I like upbeat pop country as much as the next guy, but it's nice to know songs like these are still going strong today. The slow drawn out steel guitar notes make you feel a hint of sadness throughout the song, and the vocals make you instantly think of the "marlboro man" in your life. The story follows a man who was most likely quite a troubadour in his young years, but is now older and has to deal with regrets and his inner demons. Through kindness and forgiveness, the Marlboro Man is able to tackle his struggles and right his wrongs,

"One Man Band", The Perfect Love Song

Well, I'm sure y'all have heard of Old Dominion before, but have you heard their newest song? "One Man Band" is a true love song that you won't be able to stop listening to. Be prepared to be taken on an emotional ride because this song is all about a man searching for the perfect partner to join his "band". The lyrics are the best part of the song, "And I found you like a melody/ You were singing in the same key as me/ We had 'em singing in the streets". With lines like that, how can you not swoon on the spot? Now, just because the lyrics are amazing doesn't mean everything else is lacking. The vocals and guitar work keep you interested and bobbing your head along the entire time. The only

New band shines with EP release

Okay, so y'all remember that single review I posted earlier for "The Lover" by Rivershine? Well their new 5-song EP just dropped and it is amazing! Seriously, you need to go listen to it right now. The EP starts off with "Like That", a sweet song about wanting a love that everyone else wants, basically a dream love. This heartfelt song is a great start to this EP and sets you up for the rest of the songs. The next song is, "All About The Ride", which is a bada$$ song that's a little more rock n' roll than it is country (never a bad thing). Listening to this one, it took me about 2 seconds before I was playing air guitar to it, and if you ask me, I hit every note. "My Luck Changes", is a fast

Single Spotlight: "The Lover" - Rivershine

I'm gonna do y'all a huge favor and tell you to go listen to "The Lover" by Rivershine. This song is one of those songs that you just can't help but listen to over and over. The rhythmic beat of the drum will force your foot to tap along without you even noticing. The beautiful vocals and smooth guitar work keeps your attention focused on the song and nothing else. Seriously, the song played 5 straight times in a row before I realized I hadn't done any work since it started. The line from the chorus, "I can be the lover, to get the other off of your mind" perfectly sums up the story told by this song. The lead singer is singing to a friend that had recently been dumped, and since then hasn't

MISSING: One sweet sounding, gorgeous piece of perfection

Y'all, a horrible crime has been committed. Someone stole Chris Janson's custom Fender guitar over the holiday break. C'mon! I mean, a man has two extra appendages and only one can be played with by others, and it ain't his guitar. Chris took to social media to ask for help from fans, followers, and police to locate his guitar. He also spoke directly to the thief saying, "And if by chance the thieves read this post, please know that I forgive, and will accept an apology and a return, with no repercussion." As we all know, Janson has been a big name in Country Music since 2015 with "Buy Me A Boat", and "Fix A Drink" in 2017. "Drunk Girl" is his current jam, and I have to say it's worth checki

"Big City, Small Town": Classic Country from the Middle of Detroit

The Craig Brown Band, an artist with Jack White's Third Man Records, has just released a must hear country song from the middle of Detroit. Yeah, you heard me, Detroit, as in one of the last places you think of when you think of Country music. Even though they are from a big city, their songs show that they definitely understand country. Their new song, "Big City, Small Town", is the perfect combination of classic country and the modern punk spirit. While listening to the pedal steel guitar and the beautifully harmonized voices of the Drinkard sisters, Caitlin and Bonnie, I was transported back to my grandpa showing me Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty in his old pick up truck. I was instantly h

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