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Honky Tonk Ambiance

As you probably know, George Strait is working on releasing a new album titled Honky Tonk Time Machine. We can't wait for more CRANKIN' tunes from the King of Country Music, and his latest, Every Little Honky Tonk Bar, is one of his best. Ol' George describes what makes a honky tonk special in a way that can only come from years of experience, but that's not all. The fast paced tune makes you want to grab a partner and hit the dance floor. It's a mystery how he does it, but this song smells like beer and makes the floor sticky, just like the honky tonks he sings about. The song is definitely worth a listen, or 5 - it's got the classic Strait sound without being the same old song that you've

Can't Say They Ain't Country

Florida Georgia Line just dropped their new album Can't Say I Ain't Country, and I don't think they have to worry about anyone saying that anymore. This album has everything you could want from a country album and more! This 19 track record (yes, you read that right. 19 tracks!!) is filled with songs about country life, love, fried fish, alcohol, and a certain plant from Colorado. The best parts by far are the voicemail skits by Brother Jervel, which set the tone for the following songs and provide some damn good laughs! Hearing an overdone hillbilly accent talk about NASCAR, catfish nuggets, and Tesla's will always be HILARIOUS no matter what! I had to listen to the entire album several tim

Nothing but "Good Vibes" for Chris Janson

Between the weather, constant bad news, and everything else in daily life, it can be tough to appreciate the good. Chris Janson does not seem to have that problem though, and he tells us all how to live the good life too in his new single "Good Vibes"! Step 1. Turn the damn TV off. All it does is give you bad news, and you don't need that. Step 2. "if you ain't got anything good to say, then shut. your. mouth." I know your momma taught you the same thing, so this shouldn't be much of a problem! Step 3. Put the windows down and crank up your favorite tunes! This may difficult with the weather so the windows are optional, but you better be CRANKIN your stereo and singin along! Step 4. Now this

"I'll Never Get Sober You"

I know this song is called "Sober You", but damn I need a drink after hearing this one. Melanie Meriney paints the perfect picture of loving someone who is still hung up on someone else, and as anyone in that situation knows, it sucks. Throughout the story of this song, a woman is taking care of a man who continues to call her up when he's drunk and missing his ex. The woman continues to care for him, regardless of how much it hurts, because she loves him, but deep down she knows that she'll never get sober him to call her. Songs with this topic are a dime a dozen, but Melanie separates her song from the rest with the emotion that comes out of her during her performance. Her voice gives off

Last Call Y'all

Y'all get ready for the next anthem for the late night drinker - for anyone who continually ignores last call and refuses to let the party stop. Jeff Clayborn's new tune is all about being the "Last Ones to Leave" the bar, regardless of how pissed the bartender is (You better tip them well though). We've all been part of that group before, who just couldn't take the hint to get the hell out of the bar because you were having way too much fun. Well, if that is the case then Jeff's song is made for you. The best part about this song isn't the vocals or instruments or even the lyrics, it's the story being played out: of good times, good friends, and letting loose. I honestly don't know a single

Praise Be the Voices of FGL and Jason Derulo!

Hallelujah, Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo are taking us to church! Their new song "Women" is about, you guessed it, women and how much we love 'em (Because we really do). Before y'all even start the whole "This ain't country" debate, I'm gonna say to shush and listen to this song anyway. You can thank me later (and by the way, it is country). The soulful vocals and instrumentals on this track sound like they belong in a church choir. But that ain't even the best part, the verses of this song take you on a journey, one that every man can relate to. The story starts with our momma's, the best part of childhood (unless you were in trouble), the most important woman in a man's life (can

More Like BackRoad Boys

I know what y'all are thinking, "Why am I looking at the Backstreet Boys? They aren't country". Well, they made a country song, and it's actually really good! Let's be honest with ourselves, we all know at least one (or 10) song(s) by heart from these guys, and we all love them even if we say we don't. When they start singing, there is no other choice than to sing along, and that holds with this new song, "No Place". The song has subtle, upbeat instrument work in the background that amplifies the angelic harmonies from the boys. The song is all about how they've been all around the world and experienced everything that goes along with that, but there is no place they would rather be than hom

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