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New phone, who dis??

Y'all ready for a real headbanger? Will Finley's new jam "Text Back" will make you forget all about that person who left you on read because you'll be rocking out instead. Will lets you know the deal right away with this one - his old gal left him for another guy who ignores her, and then she'll hit up Will when it's convenient for her. Everyone has been in this situation, and there's really no good way to handle it (Personally, I just ignore it but everyone's got their own methods). Will, on the other hand, he steps up the game in a MAJOR way. He decides "screw this, I'm gonna be a bada$$ rockstar" and that is exactly what he does with "Text Back". When you think about it, "Text Back" is ba

Dean Brody Knows How To Make Tea

Dean Brody's latest hit "Whiskey in a Teacup" serves as more of a warning than anything else. He expertly describes that girl everyone knows who looks innocent at first glance, but there is definitely more than meets the eye. "My baby she looks kinda harmless... but judge a book by her cover and you're in for it brother/ She's tea with a ninety proof twist". Women like this should not be messed with unless you're prepared for her to ruin your life. This General Warning by Brody moves along at a fun pace that will surely have your foot tapping along. Regardless of how catchy the song is, if you plan on trying to tame that cup of Irish tea, you better be damn sure you can handle her. This song

Kaylee Rose Will Have You In Tears

DISCLAIMER: Kaylee Rose's "Stuff" may cause, but is not limited to, involuntary tears, sadness, heartbreak, and/or texting exes. If you begin to experience any or all of these, please seek your nearest bottle of wine and a box of tissues. Now that the warnings are all over with, we can actually get to the song. This song is different than the usual on here but great music is great music and "Stuff" is definitely great music. The amazing beat pulls you through the song, with the piano slamming into your emotions at every turn. Kaylee displays her musical talents at the beginning of each chorus with a small pause that will literally drag the breath out of your lungs. With all that in mind, the

Keep It Simple Stupid

Whats up y'all?! Have I got an outstanding song for you today! "Keep It Simple" by the James Barker Band is a whole vibe that needs, wait no... deserves to be CRANKIN from your speakers. With one of the catchiest guitar riffs you'll ever hear, the James Barker Band will have you on your feet dancing along to this amazing tune immediately. This song is one of a kind and is extremely difficult to pin down - it's not classic country, but it's not completely modern either. The only way that it can be described is as the band's sound, and let me tell you, they sound amazing. Like I said earlier, this song ain't just a tune, it's a complete vibe. The song itself is all about instead of a couple go

Marty Brown is Back At It

Some of y'all may remember Marty Brown from Season 8 of America's Got Talent where he won over everyone with his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love". For those who are uncultured or just need a reminder, Marty has been around the block a time or two; he has toured with legends like Garth Brooks, appeared on the Opry stage more than a few times, and written classics like "I'm From the Country and I Like It That Way". As part of his first studio album in 25 years, "Umbrella Lovers" is one of those songs you just know is a winner. It's got a smooth and groovy rhythm that is perfect for every mood. Whether you're dancing along with your "umbrella lover" or relaxing and singing along

Like A Lady

I’m warning y’all now, don’t get caught talking bad about Hannah Anders’ man—she won’t hit you or nothing, but she’s definitely not holding her tongue! If you don't believe me, just go ahead and listen to her sassy new single "Like A Lady". "Well this bar is too small for a mouth that big / and you keep getting louder after every swig". Anders comes out the gate swinging. Immediately, she lets you know just what you're in for, and lets you know she's in charge here. With lines like,"A man like mine don't tolerate a girl like you for long / and he saved up his loving till the right one came along", Hannah puts this loud-mouthed woman in her place (I mean someone's gotta do it). It is just a s

Rhett Steals the Spotlight at SNL

This past Saturday, everyone sat down to watch Saturday Night Live, but this episode was different than most. It went from a comedy sketch show with breaks for music to a music show featuring a lot of comedy sketches. Thomas Rhett was the musical guest and, as you can imagine, stole the show from host John Mulaney and the rest of the cast. Rhett used his SNL debut to show off two singles from his upcoming album. He started off strong with "Look What God Gave Her", the country/pop jam devoted to his wife, Lauren. Anyone who has heard this song knows it is a certified bop (and reminds us all that we will never be as amazing as those two, but hey, we can dream). Now, how does Thomas top that am

Lockeland - "Til The Cows Come Home"

If y'all are anything like me, you've been wanting a song about love, cows, and a little bit of Tom Petty and Forrest Gump... Well, IT'S FINALLY HERE! "Til The Cows Come Home" by Lockeland is fun-loving upbeat song that doesn't take itself too seriously, which is what makes it great. The beat of the song along with the outstanding guitar licks force you to dance along, even if you don't want to (I'm serious, it's like some voodoo or something). Putting the groove aside, the best part by far are the lyrics. "May not be Tom Petty but I'll free fall into you" and "If life's

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