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Justin Bieber Gives an Emotional Reflection of his Childhood Fame in "Lonely" Feat. Benny Blanco

Justin Bieber has grown up in the public eye from the time he was a young teen, and he's shared many times the effects that's had on his mental health. Now he shares it in song - his newest single "Lonely" details his reflections on his childhood stardom. Co-written with producers Benny Blanco and FINNEAS, the song is an authentic telling of his early rise to fame and the toll it has taken on him today. The lyrics clearly come straight from Bieber's heart. The opening verse is about how famous he has become, but how strange it still feels to him. He then sings about how he feels like he has it all, but he still doesn't have anybody to share it with. "What if you had it all / But nobody to ca

Crank It Music Mag Ranked on Top 200 Music Blogs

Feedspot has named Crank It Music Mag as #69 on their Top 200 Music Blogs! We appreciate their support and would like to thank them for taking the time to rate us. It's an honor to be included in this list along with so many other great music blogs. We look forward to continuing to publish top quality, reliable information.

Sam Bartells' EP “Let’s Go” Bursts With Hope and Faith For Times of Darkness

New Zealand native singer-songwriter Sam Bartells finally released his long awaited and powerful Country Rock EP “Let’s Go” on Friday, October 2nd. After being teased with three stunning singles “ Sign”, “Alone No More” and “Blessed And Broken” already throughout the year, we knew that something truly substantial was in the works and the finished EP has kept and gone beyond all of those promises. “Let’s Go” is an unapologetically bare and honest compilation of what it means to be an addict, to go through rehab, to come out sober, to cherish every step of the way, and to be able to have meaningful, healthy relationships again. It’s a redemptive collection of all of the moments, the darkest on

Meghan Trainor Releases Bubbly Sweet Holiday Single “My Kind of Present”

It’s mid October but especially this year Christmas really can’t come quick enough! We are ready for Meghan Trainor's upcoming holiday Album “A very Trainor Christmas” which will be out October 30 on Epic Records, even more so after she just released two singles off of it last week. One is a fun disco like rendition on the Christmas classic “last Christmas” and the other is “My kind of present”, a fun too-wop tune, and one of five original songs on the album. The song is light and fun and will get you bouncin’ and boppin’ in no time! With a rich string bass sound, decadent and dense choir parts and classic Glockenspiel the Grammy Award winner manages to instantly catapult us in front of a cr

Josh Christina is a Modern-Day Elton John in "Old Piano" Music Video

Josh Christina's "Old Piano" music video is a montage of clips reminiscent of all the most iconic classic rockers - he truly brings us all of the nostalgia in the visual through his outfits and music. Christina is a captivating combination of his influences which include the biggest rock and roll legends from Elvis Presley to Elton John, and it certainly shows in the visual through his flashy ensembles, lyrical hooks and musical talent. The music video begins in black and white as Christina passionately sings the first verse solo at a grand piano. As he transitions into the chorus with a bright major chord, the video pops into color, revealing his signature bright red glasses. Under his silv

Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat are "Jealous" in Their New Collaboration

In today's day and age, comparison is easier than ever - almost everyone has fallen victim to the trap of impossible standards social media projects onto its users. Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat teamed up for the first time for their collaboration single "Jealous," a story about comparison and insecurity that comes from the digital age. The release is Rexha's first since 2019, and is expected to be featured on her upcoming album. Rexha explores the feelings of insecurity that comes from comparing yourself to images a romantic partner is seeing and liking on their feeds. "All it takes is a girl above me / On your timeline to make me nothing," she sings in the first verse. The song continues to deta

Sam Smith Drips In "Diamonds" In New Music Video

Oscar award winning artist dances solo in their music video for their latest single Diamonds. The single features a fast tempo electro-pop track with a strong beat. In the video, directed by Luke Monaghan, Smith is seen casually dressed in jeans and a grey t-shirt dancing around to a choreographed dance in a bare, empty house before eventually stepping into a rainstorm continuing to sing and their choreographed dance outside. The electric song is a step away from the typical signature ballad fans are use to hearing from them and a step towards a dance-floor anthem. It’s catchy with their signature voice that perfectly conveys Smith’s vulnerable emotions. In their latest video you can feel th

Demi Lovato Declares Self-Love After a Breakup in "Still Have Me"

Demi Lovato released her newest single,"Still Have Me," and it's a powerful post-breakup ballad. It's full of melancholy, yet also filled with determination and triumph as she declares the love she has for herself despite the end of a relationship. Her lyrics explore heartbreak and mourning for an ex love, but remain hopeful in finding love within self. She opens the song describing herself being "a mess," "broken," and without light after a sudden breakup. She's not without hope, though - the chorus sings, "I don't have much, but at least I still have me." The pain in her voice is present, but she belts her lyrics of self assurance with confidence over the track featuring slow piano and sim

The Official Music Video for "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes is a Visual Rollercoaster of Emotion

Shawn Mendes released his newest single "Wonder" and the music video is full of contemplation and longing. The beautiful visual full of ethereal imagery and movement perfectly accompanies his lyrics & music, and it gives a perfect representation of the song's subject matter and sentiment. The video opens to Shawn Mendes riding a train running through dark evergreen woods, singing his existential questions. "I wonder, wouldn't it be nice / to live inside a world that isn't black and white," he contemplates, staring outside the window at the muted colors of the forest. He then moves throughout the train dancing with other passengers in the background - and in an unexpected turn, he hops on top

"Dumber" by Emily Weisband is an Empowering Story of Growth

Emily Weisband radiates confidence in her most recent single, "Dumber," the first look at her upcoming EP Not Afraid to Say Goodbye. The empowering single tells Weisband's story of growth after the end of a toxic relationship, and follows her in the start of a new one. Her lyrics in the beginning recall a relationship in which she took the backseat and allowed herself to be manipulated, and ended up doing things she now regrets. It's revealed she's talking to a current potential love interest, and she notices he's beginning to act like her ex. The assertive chorus lets him know she's changed, and she won't let herself be manipulated again. "That might have worked when I was dumber / But you'

Lana Del Rey Joins Matt Maeson to Revitalize "Hallucinogenics"

Matt Maeson recruited Lana Del Rey to bring a new feeling to his debut hit, "Hallucinogenics."  Del Rey's airy vocals are the perfect addition to the acoustic-based song, and she helps to breathe new life & feeling to the song. She opens the song solo over an acoustic guitar, a folk-y intro. The dup tag-teams different lines throughout the verses, and join in unison for the chorus - Del Rey's voice echoes faintly behind Maeson's. For the second prechorus hook, "'Cause I just couldn't open up, I'm always shiftin'," they break into a simple harmony briefly before coming back together. They continue tag-teaming in the verses, and on the bridge Del Rey almost whispers to let Maeson take the spot

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