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REVIEW: Quentin Reddy – “Moonlight Ride”

By: Alina Tichacek

As the summer wanes, nothing sounds quite as soothing as a moonlit ride with your sweetheart. In Quentin Reddy’s new single, “Moonlight Ride,” you get just that.

quentin reddy moonlight ride

“Moonlight Ride” starts out strong. With a deep, full instrumental track, you can hear the truck traveling across the dirt roads riding toward the moonlight. Reddy’s rich voice beckons you, inviting you to jump in and enjoy the ride.

As the song leads into the chorus, Reddy sings “Climb on in baby/Ain’t no time to waste.” With that urging, he takes off onto the highway and into the chorus.

However, the expected buildup never comes. Instead of crescendoing into the chorus of the song, the dynamics remain stagnant. As listeners, we sense that there’s more to come, but that expectation is never fulfilled. Although you always want to leave your audience wanting more, this isn’t the best way to do it.

Putting the lack of dynamic contrast to the side, the song is a relaxing tune for a late summer night. With just a little bit of tweaking, it could be even better.

Quentin Reddy is off to a good start with this single, the first off of his upcoming album “Diamond in the Rough.” We here at Crank It Country are anxious to hear the rest of the album when it drops on August 12.

You can hear “Moonlight Ride” and more live at the album release show on August 13 at 7 p.m. at Big Rock Grill. Tickets are $20, include appetizers and a beer, and can be purchased at Big Rock Grill is located at 5555 76 Ave. SE, Calgary, AB, Canada.

“Moonlight Ride” is available now for purchase on iTunes. For all things Quentin Reddy, like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @quentin_reddy.

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