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REVIEW: Lady Antebellum’s “Bartender” belongs on your Friday night playlist

Go put on your little black dress, ladies, because Lady Antebellum is down to party with her girls in “Bartender.”

lady antebellum bartender

Country and pop fans alike have big expectations for Lady Antebellum. Unsurprisingly, Lady Antebellum once again lives up to the hype in “Bartender,” the latest single from upcoming album “747.”

Whether or not alcohol and partying are your thing, it will be hard to deny the catchiness of this tune.

Starting out with a tantalizingly haunting instrumental, “Bartender” is as addictive as the alcohol it embraces. When lead singer Hillary Scott breaks into the mix, her steamy vocals are all that’s needed to ensure you’re stuck.

Add in a couple impressive electric guitar solos, and you’ve got a mix that will soon be the most played song on your playlist.

Then there are the lyrics. Vivacious and carefree, the song centers on a girl who’s just been dumped. Instead of staying at home and sulking, her friends urge her to “Do what you gotta do to forget his name.” The prescribed cure: shots. And lots of them!

Like any good country song, the girl agrees, singing “Hey bartender pour ‘em hot tonight/’Til the party and the music and the truth collide/Bring it ‘til his memory fades away.”

Whether or not the best way to forget a man is to drown his memories in alcohol is another topic altogether, but it does make for a catchy song.

Next time you’re going out with the girls, make sure to add “Bartender” to your playlist. It’s the perfect start to an adventuresome Friday night.

“Bartender” is available now on iTunes. Their upcoming album, “747,” drops Sept. 30. For the latest updates on Lady Antebellum, visit, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @ladyantebellum.

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