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INTERVIEW: Chris Lane talks "Broken Windshield View" and the importance of friends and family

By: Alina Tichacek For Chris Lane, country music is all about the people – fans, friends and family are vitally important in his music.

Chris Lane broken windshield view interview

He likes to find a personal connection in all of his songs, and that connection is especially strong in the music video for his debut single “Broken Windshield View.” The song has become a country favorite, hitting the Top 10 on iTunes during its very first week.

“I actually got to go back to my hometown and shoot the video there, and a lot of my friends got to be on it, and that made it extra special,” said Lane. “They loved seeing themselves on CMT.”

Besides the fun of getting to hang out with his friends while doing what he loves, he even got to use his own truck. Lane has a special bond with the truck, as he used to drive it while helping his dad with landscaping.

The beat up truck in the video is completely authentic and unchanged, right down to the huge crack across the windshield. It’s as if the truck was meant for “Broken Windshield View.”

“It was perfect. This song, lyrically, is right up my alley. I’ve lived that, you know?”

The connection between Lane and his hometown, family and friends is strong, extending well beyond the one time video shoot. His twin brother, Cory Lane, is also a drummer in his band.

“We’ve been close our entire life. We’ve done everything together,” said Chris about Cory. “I’m all about family.”

While you may expect sibling quarrels to occur a lot with the close quarters of touring together, Chris says he loves working with his brother. “We get along pretty good – unless he messes up, then I might give him a beat down after the show,” he joked.

Other than the “beat downs,” touring with Cory is like having a built-in best friend on the road at all times.

“The fact that we share something so cool together is great. We have a lot of the same interests, so there’s always a friend around to hang out with if the rest of the band doesn’t want to do something,” said Chris.

Their next project together is the upcoming EP due out either the end of this year or the start of next year. Chris is currently in the studio finishing it up. “I have a lot of songs that I’m really excited about. I hope people love hearing them as much as I love singing them.”

Fans can expect the EP to be similar in feel to “Broken Windshield View.” While some songs are a little more rock and others a little more pop, they all share a common thread. His favorite song off the EP, and the ones fans will want to keep their eyes out for, is “Waste It.”

“I love everything about the song. I feel like it defines what I want my style of music to be lyrically and musically.”

Beyond the EP, Chris is also touring this fall with Jerrod Niemann on the Get Your Buzz Back tour. The tour kicks off Oct. 24 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. at the House of Blues.

“I’m very excited about it. Jerrod Niemann is a great guy. I’m looking forward to having some fun out on the road with him! Can’t wait!”

Fans can go to for tickets and more tour dates.

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