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Interview: Country Gets Rough and Rocking with Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves!

By: Stephen Brown

Country music is changing, and getting into the scene requires moving with it or being left behind. Mixing a blend of Southern rock, country twang, and a little metal fringe, Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves have been making waves in the scene since their arrival in 2011.

angel mary & the tennessee werewolves.jpg

Ranging from Skynard to Motley Crue, Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves have an ear for just about every genre. Drummer Christian Wolf thinks it is only natural to bring in everyone that has had an impact on their music.

“Basically, that’s a little bit of all of our influences. From old country music to southern rock, you listen to so much music growing up, I think that when you finally start writing your own songs it just comes through, and you can’t help it,” said Christian Wolf.

The Hendersonville, TN family trio is still riding the continued success of their latest video, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Co-produced by Johnny Carter Cash and featuring Volbeat lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, the video follows The Werewolves as they break out of big house and make their getaway in pure country style.

Recording the cover at the Cash Cabin, John Carter Cash was “very hands on,” even sitting in the room with Christian Wolf while he laid down the drums.

The most notable moment for lead vocalist Angel Mary was when, as she says, “[John Carter Cash] had me sing one take. I’ve never had anyone do that to me. I was like, ‘What? Really? Was that okay? Are you sure?’ and he was like, ‘Nope, that’s it.’”

Joining the ranks of Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Sam Smith, and Blake Shelton, Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves are pushing the edges of country. No longer just a guitar picker’s game, the country scene seems to be shifting more towards a mainstream and multi-genre arena.

If success in country music depends on bringing in unlikely listeners, you can bet Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves will turn heads and radio dials with their unique sound.

“You can reach people that would never listen to country. Now, they’re coming in on our side and, they’re like, ‘I get this. This is pretty cool,’” said Angel Mary.

Here’s to you Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves. Keep howlin’!

Visit us again soon for an exclusive live performance by the group!

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