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Shari Rowe's "Moonshine"

Singer-songwriter Shari Rowe brings a southwestern twist to country music with her single, "Moonshine." The Arizona artist has a voice powered by sass, vibrato, and belting, and the track is an interesting mix of poppy beats and a bar-like groove. For fans of Little Big Town and the early Miranda releases, you have to check out "Moonshine."

I'm a fan of Rowe's harmonies, the track's electric guitar, and lyrics like, "I won't need another drink in my life, if I've got you and this moonshine." Rowe's single sets the stage for "a good night," with an ethereal, throwback to speakeasies of the twenties.

Check out Shari's website HERE

You can purchase Moonshine, and the EP HERE

Watch "Moonshine" on YouTube HERE

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