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The Pfeiffer Twins, "Nobody's Puppet"

The Pfeiffer Twin's "Nobody's Puppet", kicks off the album with the track, for which the album is titled. Just a minute into "Nobody's Puppet", and there's no question that these girls are full of fight, determination, and independence. While the Pfeiffer Twin's cowboy boots and fiddle portray a country album, this album has an undeniable rock element. The loud and defiant track, "Nobody's Puppet", is followed up with even more cries of independence with, "Better Off Without You." Of all the tracks, my favorite track on "Nobody's Puppet", is their vulnerable plea in "Come On Over."

In whole, this album is tied together by common threads like tight harmonies and angst filled lyrics. At times, the Pfeiffer Twins remind me of Kelly Clarkson, who's been known to cross roads with country, but at other times they remind me of Alanis Morisette. Hard to categorize, the Pfeiffer Twins are blazing their own trail of rock with harmonies, fiddle, and hints of weeping, outlaw guitar.

Check out the Pfeiffer Twins HERE

You can find their album HERE

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