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Pete Scobell's "Walkin' a Wire"

Pete Scobell’s brand-spankin’ new, radio single, “Walkin’ a Wire,” tells the risk-taking tale of falling in love, with someone you desperately want. To Pete, the song embodies his entire new album and his personal life, since getting out of the Navy. In “Walkin’ a Wire,” producer Cactus Moser has captured the essence of life’s changing seasons and adventurous love.

Beyond Moser’s production, Pete’s pleading, yet hopeful, vocals and guitar, in “Walkin’ a Wire”, perfectly emote the risk, caution, and momentum of falling head-over-heels. The song is pulled tightly together with lyrics like, “Then you walked in, the way you do, tried my best not to look at you. Hat pulled down, playin’ it cool, but girl, inside I’m walkin’ a wire.” The lyrics - crafted by hit songwriters Dierks Bentley, David Lee Murphy, and Ross Copperman - are laced with desperation, risk, and vulnerability, with lines like, “All that matters is me and you on the other side. I’m just tryin’ to get there, girl, but in my mind, I’m walkin’ a wire. Crossin’ a river of fire… Takin’ a step at a time, girl, makin’ you mine, girl, out on the edge with one desire.”

My favorite lyric is the verse before the second chorus, “My heart’s a cigarette, and you got the coals glowing red. It’s like you’re throwing on gasoline, when you brush back your hair. I feel my feet movin’ now, and hear the words come fallin’ out. But you’re all I’m thinkin’ about, up there, walkin’ a wire.” “Walkin’ a Wire” is easy to identify with, and endearing… It’s no wonder Pete chose the song as his album’s title track.

Check out Pete Scobell's "Walkin' a Wire" HERE

Head over to Pete Scobell's website HERE

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