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Kayla Calabrese’s “Happily Never After” by Sam Eisenberg

Where even to begin. “Once Upon A Time” seems appropriate, so shall be it. Once upon a time, there was a young starlet named Kayla Calabrese, and she got tired of taking everybody’s crap. She sat down and wrote a kick-ass song, entitled “Happily Never After.”

Let me tell you, Crank It fans, this song is great. Take every Disney love story you’ve ever heard, and tear it to shreds; that’s exactly what Kayla does with her latest single. This track has everything you could want in a break-up song/I’m pissed off song/I’m tired of this song. From the moment the song begins, Kayla informs the viewer that “if [she] were Cinderella, her glass stiletto wouldn’t fit.” In other words, this ain’t a love song. From soaring choruses to haunting minor melody lines, this tune combines modern country elements with that of a dark fairytale. Blurring the line between power-ballad and country-rock song, this tune has something for everyone. Look up her newest single, “Happily Never After” on iTunes and Spotify. Crank it up in those headphones; you won’t regret it.

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