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Justin Moore Takes On a Fresh Approach With His New Album, “Kinda Don’t Care”

Kinda Don’t Care, Justin Moore’s fourth studio album, contains twelve tracks that prove he is able to take a progressive route while simultaneously sticking to his roots. Moore’s incredibly clever hit single, “You Look Like I Need a Drink”, topped the charts and took over radio. When the full album was released on August 12, 2016, it almost immediately landed in the Billboard top 100. By the end of august, Kinda Don’t Care hit number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums, and has been floating around in the top ten since.

Moore’s deep southern twang is very evident in all of his songs, keeping him rooted in his country style. Songs such as “Robbin’ Trains” and the title track showcase the Justin Moore we all know and love. However, some of the new tracks prove that he is taking on a new progressive-country style – and he pulls it off flawlessly. “Got it Good” is filled with an electrical ambiance containing digital instruments that swell and surround the song. Moore has described it as a “Jason Mraz impression”, but he definitely puts his own twist on it.

Brantley Gilbert teams up with Justin to produce one of the best rebel songs in the history of country music – “More Middle Fingers”. Yep, the title (almost) says it all. This is a song that needs to be heard by anyone who has ever had a bad day, which is everyone. The carefree down to earth vibe makes you take a deep breath, lean back and laugh about anything that has ever frustrated you about humankind. “I could use a few for the dude in the suit who cut me off in his brand new Beamer. Man, it's stuff like that that made me wish I had more middle fingers”. The conversation-like humor that the two country artists exhibit is pretty darn contagious.

Overall, Justin Moore’s new album has a very unique feel, and contains a wide variety of styles from song to song. I give him credit for getting out of his comfort zone and trying something new. This smooth transition in his sound makes him much more versatile, catering to other genres. This could truly be the start of a new beginning for Justin Moore.

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