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Chase Rice - "Everybody We Know Does" Single Review

Chase Rice’s recently released single, “Everybody We Know Does”, is a driving country rock anthem that is sure to be extremely successful. Many feel that it is a huge step in his career. Chase Rice told “Taste of Country” that the inspiration of the song stemmed from time spent at his farm in Tennessee, while he reflected on his past. Songwriter Jeremy Bussey teamed up with Chase to co-write "Everybody We Know Does". It was so well written and catchy that six other country stars admitted they wanted it on their own albums.

This song is sure to be a hit within the next few months. Chase's lyrics stem straight from his upbringing and reveal many aspects of who he is. This song is raw and authentic – and this can be heard from the way he sings the lyrics with conviction. He refers to unique and statements that refer to his own past instead of putting in solely mainstream lyrics. However, Chase also incorporates some blue-collar, beer-drinkin' phrases to relate to newer fans.

Upon first hearing this single, I instantly had to drop everything I was doing to soak it all in. This is the kind of song that you can feel run through your veins, producing an overall feeling of wellbeing. The driving guitar riffs, big drum hits and soaring melodies combine with genuine lyrics such as, “It’s how we were raised, how we grew up. Runs deep in our veins way down in our blood”. I had to press repeat at least four times in a row because it was THAT good. Don’t take it from me though – have a listen for yourself!

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