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"Song for Another Time" Old Dominion - Single Review

Old Dominion’s single, “Song for Another Time” is one of the most cleverly-worded songs of country music today. This song is a lyrical mashup set to their own melody. They selected two-dozen classic, well-known songs that were made famous throughout history – and created a love story from them. The song is about lovers making the most of the present moments they have, even when knowing the other may soon be gone.

“So before we turn in

I can't make you love me

Let's be brown eyed girl sweet Caroline

Free fall small town Saturday night

Before you lose that loving feeling

Let's go dancing on the ceiling

Keep on living that teenage dream

Paradise city where the grass is green

Pretty soon I'll be so lonesome I could cry But that's a song for another time”

The thing that makes this song so special is that this song originally was not even meant to be on the album. According to People Magazine, it was only weeks before the album release when Ramsay came up with the title. He did so by drawing from the frequently-heard phrase – “well, that’s a story for another time”. While on the back of their tour bus, Ramsay brought the idea to the group and asked for them to help him figure out the meaning behind his title, “Song for Another Time”. The guys started listing songs they could insert into the song from artists such as: George Strait, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Katy Perry, The Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Petty, Lionel Richie, Guns N’ Roses, Hank Williams, John Denver, Elton John, Dolly Parton, and more. Give it a listen for yourself - you won't be sorry!

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