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Interview With New Country Artist, Ashley Taylor

Last week, we had the opportunity to interview the fabulous Ashley Taylor – a country music singer, songwriter, and guitar player out of Bakersfield, California. After a warm welcome, we first asked her to tell us a little about herself and how she got her start with music.

When describing her hometown, Ashley laughed, “I’m from Bakersfield California, itty bitty little farm town. It’s not your typical, you know, like, Hollywood type deal.” Bakersfield, California is known for its dubbed name, “the original Nashville”, stemming from its history. Because of this, Taylor was surrounded by music all through childhood. On top of being in this environment, Ashley was heavily influenced by her grandmother’s playing of country music daily.

When she was 17, she received her first guitar, began teaching herself, and began writing songs almost instantly. She received a degree in audio engineering, and began session playing right after graduating.

“The studio I was working at actually ended up getting shut down”, she explained when asked what brought her to Nashville. “I knew songwriting was my real love and I should be in Nashville…started reaching out to people in Nashville.”

While networking and asking around about moving to Nashville, Ashley ended up meeting well-known songwriter, Clay Mills. About six months after meeting Clay, he told her “hey, we believe in you. Come on down, we’re gonna help you out.” Ashley went on to describe how she sold everything to buy a plane ticket and moved to Nashville. In the past year alone, Ashley has gone on a country wide tour, released a single, and made it to radio.

Ashley’s single, “Play Like Ken”, has a funny story behind it. “It’s kind of weird nowadays to have a female, like, lead guitar player.” She proceeded to say that after playing a show in Knoxville, a man approached her, and said “ma’am, you sure are pretty, but you play guitar like a man!”

Without thinking, she turned to him and said “Well, I guess I look like Barbie and play like Ken.” Shortly after hopping into her car, she was hit with an idea “I drove home, and thought ‘wow, that would be a really cool song’…by the time I got home I had all the verses done.” “Play Like Ken” is the first single off her EP. It is currently circulating on radio.

Next, we asked her some classic “CRANK IT COUNTRY” questions.

-What is your most embarrassing moment?

“About a week ago my friends and I ate Taco Bell for lunch. Why? I don’t know. But we were in this studio on music row after, and all three of us got super sick…so I’m like throwing up in a trashcan…and Kenny Chesney walks in. I literally said ‘my life is over’.”

-When you’re alone, which of your songs, or any song, do you “crank up” to?

“I love Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Also, Matchbox Twenty’s To Be You or anything in that early 2,000’s era. I just get really into it and just really embarrass myself.”


Ashley is embarking on tour with good friend and cowriter, Matt Wynn, in 2017. Tour dates to be announced. Stay tuned!

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