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Dierks Bentley - "Black" Review

From receiving over a dozen Grammy nominations to platinum albums, it’s no question that Dierks Bentley has seen an immense amount of success in his now 15-year career. Bentley has released ten studio albums and has headlined 11 tours. Dierks Bentley’s newest album, Black, is his most beautifully vulnerable album yet. Before its release, Bentley claimed it to be just as, if not more personal than his previous hit album, Riser. When Dierks described his album to Taste of Country, he said, “The songs on Black range from the lonesomeness of an impossible relationship to ones that describe the feeling of finding that person that makes you forget the one that broke your heart.” Through his writing and musicality, Bentley truly illustrates the ups and downs of relationships in 13 tracks.

The first radio single from the album, “Somewhere on a Beach” quickly became a summer hit. The witty, hip hop induced song rose to number one almost immediately. “Black”, the title track of the album, is a sexy slow and driving ballad digging into the emotion and physical sensations of falling and being in love. Dierks refers to it as a “passion song” dedicated to his wife. The next track, titled “Pick Up”, continues the album’s “love story” by describing the process of making a mistake then trying to put the pieces back together.

Maren Morris is featured in the next track, “I’ll Be the Moon.” This song describes a complicated and heart-wrenching love triangle in which Bentley copes with being the “other man”. Bentley sings, “I don't wanna be a secret but I will if you want me to. You can leave me in the dark if that's all I get from you. He can be the sun, I'll be the moon. Yeah, he can be the sun, I'll be the moon.”

In his duet with Elle King, “Different for Girls”, was the second single released from the album. Through clever metaphors and a steady rhythm, Dierks acknowledges the way women and men are wired differently when it comes to breakups. The piano-based track, “Why Do I Feel”, questions why something feels wrong with his relationship, yet he can’t seem to put his finger on it. Bentley’s confidence as a performer is shown through the fun and sing-able tracks “Light it up” and “Can’t Be Replaced.”

Overall, this album is certainly worth the listen. It seems Bentley has taken a step back and dug into himself, taking a very vulnerable and honest approach to this album. Not only is it filled with relational ups and downs, but it is a pure reflection of Bentley’s life journey.

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