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Rick Monroe "This Side of You" - Single Review

“This Side of You”, Rick Monroe’s debut single, is a sultry, romantic, and catchy masterpiece. I’d like to start out by saying - I LOVE THIS SONG. “This Side of You” describes what it is like to discover something new and exciting about one’s significant other. Rick uses smooth melodies and charming lyrics to convey this message.

“When I think I know what’s going on behind them brown eyes / You go and do that little something girl that takes me by surprise”

Driving guitar riffs and light percussion combine with Monroe’s incredible and smooth voice to create a truly captivating piece of music. I can already hear the women all over the world swooning. The hook says it best -

“Baby I ain’t never seen this side of you before / I think I like and I’d like to see a whole lot more / Dangling your toes over the edge of out of control / Baby I ain’t never seen this side of you before”

Oh, and let’s not forget about the second half of the chorus, which ends with -

“I could get used to you taking my breath away / As long as you got more of them secrets coming my way”

Oh so romantic, y’all. Am I right?

This song was officially released on March 17th and is already gaining much attention (rightfully so). “This Side of You” is the lead single off of Monroe’s new and upcoming EP, Gypsy Soul. Be on the lookout for that!

Monroe’s song came together quite easily, during a cowrite with Ryan Griffin and Jason Duke. Monroe explained how the song came to be in detail here -

“Ryan Griffin was telling us about his recent trip to Disney with his wife, who he says is pretty reserved, but one night the wine won over and she let go a bit,” Monroe explains. “To paraphrase him, [he said] ‘I’d never seen that side of her before,’ and that’s when I said, ‘Well, I think we have a hook idea.’ With guys like Jason Duke and Ryan, it doesn’t take long to get on to a solid melody. We knocked it out! It was definitely one of those songs that wanted to be written.” (Taste of Country)

SIDE NOTE: We are getting the privilege to CRANK IT with Rick Monroe in a few weeks, and we could not be more excited!

Y’all, do yourself a favor and check out Rick Monroe’s new single, HERE!

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