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Chris Stapleton Pays Homage to his Bearded Roots as ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons in Jimmy Fallon Skit

Is there anything Chris Stapleton can't do?? On Monday night, in addition to being the musical guest on the Tonight Show, he also appeared in one the show's skits, "First Drafts of Rock". Stapleton showcased his mighty beard as ZZ Top's guitar player Billy Gibbons, with host Jimmy Fallon dawning a false beard as bassist Dusty Hill, and guest Kevin Bacon playing the bands ironically beardless drummer, Frank Beard. They played a fiery rendition of the classic Eliminator single, "Legs", with a lengthy twist. Fallon has always had a knack for musical impression, and sounds almost identical to Dusty Hill. Chris Stapleton's raw voice cuts through powerfully as always, adding extra intensity to this very much ridiculous song. Going from legs to pretty much every body part you can think of, this sketch will have you laughing and headbanging all at the same time!

Stapleton was on the show promoting the release of his latest record From A Room: Volume 1, and later in the show, performed an unbelievably rocking rendition of the album cut, "I Was Wrong".

Check out both of the performances below and get to CRANKIN it!!!

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