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"Just Sayin'" You Should Definitely Check out the New James Barker Band Album

The debut seven song EP from Ontario, Canada's latest and greatest country music band, James Barker Band, is here perfectly in time for all of your summer time fun! This band captures all of the laid-back and carefree summer vibes in seven songs that'll put in full on kickback mode.

James Barker Band formed in 2013 with members James Barker (vocals and guitar), Taylor Abram (guitar and backup vocals), Bobby Martin (bass), and Connor Stephen (drums). They first came into the public eye in 2015 when they won the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Competition and earned a spot opening for Thomas Rhett. The win also grabbed them a record deal with Universal Music Group and a trip to Nashville to record this killer record.

The record begins with the song that'll soon be the anthem of everyone's summer party, "Lawn Chair Lazy". This song is all about kickin' back and relaxing with an ice cold beer and enjoying the summer days as they pass by. Including a not so subtle reference to the Little Big Town song "Day Drinking" with the line "The sun ain't sinking, we're day drinking", I think this tune will be the next in line as far as number one summer bangers go. These Canadian boys know how to put you in the mood for carefree summer hangs! They say it best with "It's the party of the year, sitting right here, somebody hand me a beer beer beer".

The next track is "Just Sayin'"; an upbeat and happy-go-lucky tune about trying to decipher the tricky signals of a desirable lady, and trying to convince her to ditch the crowd for a better evening that he can show her. Trying to decide whether or not a girl is feeling the same way about him that he does about her, Barker questions "Are you in or out baby I can't tell? Did I see those blue eyes giving me the green light?" I'm in for sure. Into CRANKIN this song as loud as my car speakers will let me!

After boasting the two singles "Lawn Chair Lazy" and "Just Sayin'", the latest single from this EP is the song "Chills". The EP contains the electric single version as well as a stripped down acoustic version. While the electric version has a lot more high-energy, the acoustic version is the one that sends CHILLS down my back! It's a beautiful and innocent track about getting chills when you're with the one you love. It's really a sweet song that puts you in that mood of excitement and nervousness when you're with the one you love. "'Cause I get chills, Downtown and we skip the line, And I watch you dance in the party lights, so fine, Cause you're mine, all mine girl". This song sums up the adventurous uncertainty and passion that comes with love and will make your heart happy jammin it!

This EP is super solid from start to finish. Absolutely perfect to put you in the summer feels and to put love in your heart. Pick up this album TODAY and boast it at your next summer cookout to get your friends rocking out to some great new music!

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