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There Ain't Nothin' Like the new Big City Cowgirl Single "Love on the Open Road"

The lovely and talented Sondra Toscano, better known as the artist, Big City Cowgirl, just released her vintage sounding new single, "Love on the Open Road"! According to her, "The song is a story about a couple in love who jump in a truck and go off on an adventure together. They aren’t going anyplace in particular, but they are with each other and enjoying the ride". A beautiful and innocent love song about adventure, this tune feels like the epitome of summer freedom!

Big City Cowgirl is true to her persona, hailing from New York and making old-soul cowgirl tunes that would impress even the most die-hard of old-school country fans. She's an excessively busy lady, making music while working as a public service lawyer, and a mother to a little girl and three dogs. Toscano found her passion of country music through her mother, connecting heavily with it because, "It is pure and real". Her high-pitched, raspy and vibrato-heavy voice creates a sound reminiscent of classic women in country before her like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.

"Love on the Open Road" begins with an assertive, raw fiddle, that starts the song off with a quaint and cozy feel. The band carries a steady driving beat throughout, not too fast and not too slow, perfect for just cruising and enjoying the time. She sings in the first line, "He met me at my door with a smile on his face/He said, 'grab your stuff let's get outta this place'", setting the tone for the impulsive and seize-the-day attitude of this song. When you hear it, you connect with these feelings of excitement and the endless possibilities of freedom on the open road!

The instrumentation perfectly captures the fun and adventurous vibe of the tune. After the bridge of the song, there's a ripping banjo solo that could turn any bad mood into a great one! I mean, come on, who can be mad or upset while listening to a banjo??

You can find this song on Soundcloud and ReverbNation! Get on it and get in the mood for a spontaneous road trip to nowhere with someone you love! "It's a fast beating heart when the engine starts", and this track will get your heart racing with love and adventure!

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