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Old Dominion - "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" Review

Old Dominion’s new single, “No Such Thing As a Broken Heart” - was finally released on March 10th. Anyone who has attended one of their shows on their “Meat and Candy” tour has heard them play this live. Every time they play it live, people get on their feet and clap along. This song was born to be a hit song , and it is quickly climbing up the charts ever since it’s release.

The song takes on a perfect blend of pop and rock influences. Beginning with a upbeat and light guitar lick , this song instantly captures the listener’s attention. The song takes on a perfect blend of pop and rock influences. Offbeat claps accompany this guitar lick until Old Dominion comes in with a captivating first line -

“I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it, after the drums and the guitars all faded. Was the best they could do good enough, or did the heartland just swallow them up?”

This song is inspirational, in that it’s whole premise is to never give up on or be afraid of love, because love always wins in the end. It is all about taking that big chance and letting yourself love someone while being committed to never giving up, no matter what. It helps us keep in mind that no relationship is perfect, you never really know what is going to happen or what challenges you will face, but love is always worth it.

The chorus sums it up perfectly -

“You know you can't keep the ground from shaking no matter how hard you try,/

You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat you love like /

You're jumping off a rope swing maybe 'cause the whole thing is really just a shot in the dark /

You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart”

Old Dominion’s inspiration behind this song was the love their parents had for each other, despite various hardships. The second verse says it best.

"How did my mom and my dad ever do it? If there were troubles then we never knew it. I guess they had each other and that was enough.”

Front man Matt Ramsay spoke about the truth behind the song in a recent press release -

“It’s in the face of those challenges and standing at the edge of fear that we have to remain positive. Focus on the light that comes from positivity instead of being swallowed up. Work hard at doing what you feel is right. Don’t be scared!! Live life like there’s no such thing as a broken heart.”

We LOVE the positive message of this song. Keep it coming, Old Dominion!

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