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Kenny Chesney Gives College Students a chance to shine in his new music video - “All The Pretty Girl

When most think Kenny Chesney, they think summertime, good vibes, and sunshine. His song “All The Pretty Girls” encompasses all these, while adding in themes of summer flings and youth. What better way to showcase this than through the youth themselves? The music video for the single is unlike anything he has ever put out before. Why? Because college kids were asked to submit their take on the song through their own video - hoping for a chance to win and be featured as the official video for “All the Pretty Girls”.

Belmont students Jessica Martinez and William Renner were the winners of the contest. In a recent press release, they explained the process of filming: “We thought the first day was only going to be five hours, But when we got started, we found some more creative things to do. We ended up shooting for 10 hours, with an hour for lunch.”

When the music video begins, a group of girls are getting ready for a party later that night. They pack the car and head to the convenience store to buy beer. When they are checking out, they realize they do not have enough cash to buy the beer. They quickly talk the guys into helping them out and invite them to the party they are going to later. They arrive at the party, light the bonfire, and have a rockin’ night. As the video continues, they trespass private property, hop fences, and joke around in the water.

The video truly captures the essence of young love and feeling free and adventurous in the summer time. Kenny Chesney, upon seeing this video, reacted as follows:

“It’s cool seeing this creativity from college kids. They understood how to build a storyline and narrative, and they bring a fresh eye to these moments. [Their clip]’s really sweet, and just what this kind of song needed. I’m as thrilled to be part of Jessica’s college education as I am to have her — and Will’s — creativity be a part of this song. To create something at this level when you’re in college is a huge thing. In ‘the real world,’ this is the kind of accomplishment people look at. But I think what’s so great about their ‘All the Pretty Girls’ video is you can also see how they translate their hearts into the work. People will see this, and know what Jessica and Ryan are capable of.”

Check out the video HERE!

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