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Jacob Bryant's "Pour Whiskey on my Grave" is an Ode to the Party Life, Even When Life

What if funerals didn't have to be viewed as a sad occasion? What if rather than mourning over our fallen friends and family, we partied like hell and celebrated the life they lived the way that they would have wanted us to? Who knows. All that is certain though, is when it's Jacob Bryant's turn to be put in the dirt, he wants you to throw the party of a lifetime. In a booming low voice, Bryant howls at the beginning, "When I'm gone don't bring me pretty flowers, and don't sit and cry for me at my tombstone/Come and visit me in the midnight hours, with your party on". From that point on, the party rages on hard.

The description in the YouTube video for this song reads "modern outlaw country southern rock", and that just about hits the nail on the head. This CRANKIN tune begins with a quick and biting acoustic guitar riff before a heavy chord is strummed by a fuzzy guitar, complete with a wailing slide guitar placed perfectly on the top. The first verse is artfully crafted, staying dynamically soft as Bryant preaches his tale. The band teases with some ambient and heavy background sounds here and there, building up to something you know is about to BUMP.

The chorus is an explosion of badassery that could be hazardous to small children. The drums come in fully for the first time with thunderous power. The guitars get louder, crunchier and more evil. Bryant belts with no fear, "Pour whiskey on my grave, let it seep into my bones/Have a drink with me, even when I'm gone/I'll do the same for you, if you'll do the same for me/Turn it up and take a shot, set my spirit free/Don't forget the promise that you made, pour whiskey on my grave". I challenge you to listen to this chorus and not feel like you're in an outlaw motorcycle gang, flying fast with your ride or die brothers.

After another CRANKIN verse and chorus, the band pulls out all the stops. The guitarist rips into such a CRANKIN solo that you might wanna pull over if you're driving so you don't swerve into traffic while ripping it up on the air guitar. It's a flawless blend of country riffs mixed with heavy rock shredding that'll make even the most docile of music fans bang their head. They then transition into a softer chorus and, by every indication, you think the song is probably over. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING YET!!!

Some heavy pounding from the drummer brings the band back in for a ROCKIN outro where everyone in the band just CRANKS their hearts out. Truly, it deserves a 10 out of 10 on our Crank-O-Meter. Check out this awesome song and the CRANKIN video below! If you're in Nashville, come out to his headlining show at the Exit/In Wednesday the 28th at 9!!!

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