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New David Lee Murphy Album Release This Week!

Be CRANKIN ready country fans! David Lee Murphy's new album, No Zip Code, will be released on April 6th! It's going to be a hoot, as the album is co-produced by music sensation Kenny Chesney, along with his record producer Buddy Cannon!

Murphy is one of the most successful and productive singer-songwriters in Nashville, widely known for his hit single, "Dust on the Bottle." He is an artist who started the modern style of country that has a rocking and head-bobbing feel. His music influences include Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, and Z.Z. Top. Kenny Chesney also says, “David Lee is the original—and the last of—the hillbilly rockstars. His groove, the way he lays into a melody is so smooth, yet he uses the words for shaping the rhythm. He knows the life, and he bottles it up in song. Making this record showed us what country music can be in the 21st century.”

David Lee is excited for his release and gives us an insight about the development of his new album. Murphy says, “I sent him some songs for one of his albums a couple of years ago, and he called me up. He goes, ‘Man, you need to be making a record. I could produce it with Buddy Cannon, and I think people would love it.’ It’s hard to say no to Kenny Chesney when he comes up with an idea like that. I didn’t think I’d ever get out here and do this again. You focus on writing, and that’s its own kind of great. But Kenny and I got to talking, and it seemed like something worth doing. Then when we got in the studio, it felt so good, every day was more exciting than the one before.”

You can preorder the new album on iTunes, Google Music, and Amazon! So be on the lookout for Murphy's album this Friday!

Here is a list of the songs in David Lee's new album:

1. “Way Gone” (David Lee Murphy & Marv Green) 2. “No Zip Code” (David Lee Murphy, Shane Minor & Jesse Murphy) 3. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (with Kenny Chesney)” (David Lee Murphy, Chris Stevens, Jimmy Yeary) 4. “I Won’t Be Sorry” (David Lee Murphy, Paul Jenkins & Jason Sellers) 5. “Haywire” (David Lee Murphy & Jimmy Yeary) 6. “As the Crow Flies” (David Lee Murphy, Dean Dillon, Jamey Johnson & Phil O’Donnell) 7. “Winnebago” (David Lee Murphy) 8. “Get Go” (David Lee Murphy, Brett Beavers & Jim Beavers) 9. “That’s Alright” (David Lee Murphy, Shane Minor & Jesse Murphy) 10.“Voice of Reason” (David Lee Murphy) 11.“Waylon And Willie” (David Lee Murphy & Billy Burnette)

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