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Getting to Know "The Letting Go" Singer, Natalie Jean

When you think of your favorite artist, you probably associate them with a specific genre. Jason Aldean; Country, Led Zeppelin; Rock n' Roll, B.B. King; Blues etc. etc. That typically comes from artists that find a sweet spot where they feel comfortable and know they can continuously churn out good songs. But what about artists who don't tie themselves down to just one thing? What about artists who go as far as to reinvent themselves for nearly every album? Well, the bluesy, jazzy, French/Pop, Haitian, Country artist Natalie Jean can do just that. I got a chance to chat with her on the phone for a bit and find out what her musical evolutions have meant to her.

This phone conversation was not recorded, but instead, transcribed as best as could be done by hand while on the phone. Because of this, rather than a question an answer format, the interview will be written as more of a summary of her answers in our conversation.

It all started in 1972 when Natalie was born into a musical family; particularly her father, Guy R. Jean, who was a well-known Haitian artists. She would dance and sing along to the songs he would play for the family. Poetry was her first introduction to songwriting and she quickly realized that songs are just poetry set to music.

She went to college and rather than pursue a degree in music, she opted to go for a Communications degree with ideas of things like radio broadcasting. She learned that it was very tough to get a job in that industry if you hadn't had an internship in that field and/or didn't know someone to help you get your foot in the door. She bounced around several jobs ranging from executive assistant and real estate agent to aerobics instructor and interfaith minister. (I asked her if she would do me the honor of marrying me whenever I meet that one unlucky lady).

As a minister, she discovered the power that both music and spirituality had to touch people's souls.

In 2011, she started to pursue her own artistry. Her first two records were very much bluesy/jazz inspired. When it came time to start working on her next record, she wanted to do something just a little different. She used her multi-lingual skills to her advantage and set her sights on recording a French pop album! Wee Wee!

What logically follows a French pop album but an English pop record. But what came next, shook up everything.

She decided to embrace her Haitian roots and go all out for a traditional Haitian album. Sung entirely in Haitian (having her mother's help with translations) and filled with traditional sounds of the album, she had yet again reinvented her sound.

Her latest release is what grabbed our attention for Crank It Country, as she reinvented herself with the release of her single "The Letting Go". It's a beautiful contemporary country-style song that she co-wrote with Michael Peloso.

We are excited for all the different incarnations of Natalie that we are sure to be seeing a lot of in the future! Make sure you get to CRANKIN her music ASAP, she literally spans so many genres that she has something for everyone to enjoy!

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