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Soak Up the Sun and Take a Much Needed Vacay to Shari Rowe's "Beach Town"!!!

For me, it's Folly Beach, South Carolina. Childhood spent eating watermelon on my Grandmoo's porch. Cooling off in the water, attempting to surf, but really just flailing around on a board. Adolescence spent bringing way more people out to the beach house than the parentals would've deemed appropriate. Picking up a case of beer from an old 24 hour market that would never check for an ID because they'd known you forever. All the time spent soaking up the sun, breathing in the euphoric salty air, and loving the life of a beach bum. Whatever your old "Beach Town" is, Shari Rowe is here to take you there with her latest summer SPLASH hit!

The song begins with a classy guitar riff that shimmers like the sunlight reflecting off the ocean. The synth in the background adds a sonic depth that gives you the feeling of floating weightlessly in the ocean. Shari breaks into the first verse singing as someone bogged down by the drudgeries of city life. She reminisces about a place where she knows she can get away from it all. And that's when the first powerhouse chorus revs up to tell all the land dwellers and city folk just exactly what they are missing!

Shari belts with an infectious melody, "Let's trade these traffic lights for a stretch of boardwalk, get lost inside a Springsteen song/Shake a little salt and throw a couple down, in our old Beach Town". The progression of the playlists that the characters in the song are jamming to starts with a Springsteen song, then a Buffett song, and then finally, they "get lost inside our own sweet song". The allusions do a really accurate job of describing the sound of the tune, where inspiration is definitely drawn from Springsteen and Buffett musically as well as thematically, blended together with that classic Shari Rowe spin.

This song definitely shows a sonic shift for Shari. Her previous singles "Take That Shot" and "Southern Spells" showed us more of a twangy, bluegrassy approach to a 70's style rock reminiscent of acts like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. While these influences are still present in "Beach Town", the production is glossier and definitely shows more of an upbeat pop side of Shari that we haven't seen before. And let me tell you, I'm ALLLL about it.

Whether you're soaking up the sun on the beach this summer or working hard in an office and daydreaming about it, this is the perfect CRANKIN summer tune to bring you all of the good feelz and summer vibes! Make sure you download it and add it to your "Windows-rolled-the-heck-DOWN" playlists! KEEP CRANKIN IT, SHARI!!!

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