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Eldredge and Edgar Melt the Hearts of Country Music with "Love Someone (The Edgar Cut)"

On July 14th, 2016, Brett Eldredge posted on his Instagram a selfie with an adorable little brown, floppy-eared pupper, with the caption “Meet new partner in crime.” It didn’t take long for it to become quite evident that Eldredge and his new friend, Edgar, were inseparable. He tours with Brett, regularly appears on stage, and shows up on the country star’s Instagram on a very regular basis.

Three months after his debut on social media, the young Weimaraner/ Vizsla mix got his own Instagram page that gave his already growing group of fans a look inside his inner dialogue. He only follows his dad, Brett, and his fellow Nashville dog celebrity, Doug the Pug, but he has amassed 214 THOUSAND followers in the past two years. Almost anyone familiar with Brett Eldredge is also familiar with or at least aware of his “partner in crime.”

A week ago, Brett Eldredge released a music video for his single, “Love Someone,” with an alternate title, “The Edgar Cut,” featuring his and Edgar’s shenanigans. The video highlights the true essence of what it means to be man’s best friend. Brett and Edgar play fetch, watch movies, eat a fancy steak dinner, and enjoy beautiful landscapes on a motorcycle and sidecar while Brett sings to his one and only “Feels so good to love someone.”

At the end Edgar mistakenly drags his owner into a pretty, charming, fellow dog owner, and it proves to be his worst mistake when the meeting blossoms into a relationship that gives Brett less time for him. Thank the Lord it was just a bad dream, Edgar wakes up and trots off with his pal for more good times together.

This video is incredibly charming, super cute, funny, and it brings a whole new facet to an already great tune. Another W in the books for Edgar and his human, Brett. Any Edgar lovers, Brett Eldredge lovers, or dog lovers in general need to give this a watch. Check it out below!

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