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Matt Campbell's "The Man with Everything"- A Refreshing Take on Country Music

Matt Campbell was originally from Colorado. He picked up a six string while he was in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he began to cut his teeth writing and performing regularly for the first time. In 2005 he released his first recorded album from the songs he’d written in the Coast Guard entitled “The East 3rd Street Waltz.” After one more musical release in the form of an EP, Campbell made his way to Chicago where he contributed to the music business in another way by starting a production company and label called The Chicago Talking Machine Co. In Chicago he continued to release his own music, but after 5 years of his endeavors on the windy banks of Lake Michigan, the Music City called.

“I came to Nashville to be heard,” Matt said; and what he has created in his full length album, “The Man with Everything,” releasing November 9th, is absolutely worth being heard. Though Matt Campbell hasn’t spent the majority of his musical life in Nashville, TN, this album is drenched with the essence of the city. It was recorded at Greenland Studios in Inglewood, TN outside of Nashville, but the style and production of the tracks make it sound like it could have been recorded in one of the legendary studios in the heart of town. Campbell’s smooth vocals, the clean guitar tones, and the liberal, but well placed use of reverb takes one back to the stylings of 60’s and 70’s country artists like Jim Reeves and Matt’s namesake, Glen Campbell. He makes the style his own, however, with his own brand of poetic lyricism, a bit of Americana lean, and a vocal line that weaves in and out of the meter but always finds its way back to the groove.

From the unique story and sound of “The Night that I Found Jesus” to the jazz inspired “Twice as Big,” which brings to the album it’s title lyric, to the middle of the road country song “It’s Ours” about a humble but loving life of a sweet couple; Matt invites the audience to listen hard to glean the full meaning of his songs, while allowing them to sit back and passively enjoy the cool vibes if they so choose. Overall Matt Campbell has done a great job of mixing reminiscent with refreshing, and his take on country music in “The Man with Everything” is a must listen. The 1960’s called; they want they’re style back. I told them 2018 is keeping it and hung up.

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