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Josh Gracin- "Good for You"- Taking Advantage of Country Music's Identity Crisis

Apple Music’s “Breaking Country” playlist is where I listened to Josh Gracin’s new single “Good for You” the first time. While there is plenty of great music to be found here, a lot of tracks on the 57 song playlist are, for lack of a better word, “breaking” country, if country were breakable. The musical and lyrical quality simply aren’t there. (I won’t name any names). When I was directed to “Good for You”, I was afraid I might encounter one of those songs, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. It only took through the first chorus to decide that Josh Gracin’s single isn’t breaking country at all, but perhaps fixing it. That being said, “Good for You” is far from being what anyone would consider country music ten years ago.

When country music was a kid it’s momma told him he could be anything he wanted to be. Yes, it’s changing, but not necessarily to its detriment, and Josh Gracin understands that. From the downbeat of his groovy new track, the vibey electric guitar lead intro, 6/8 meter, and Gracin’s silky smooth vocals draw you in. No fiddle, no country bend in the guitar tone, no southern accent to speak of. There is so much space in the production, but none of it goes to waist. We’re forced to long for the 4th beat snare of every measure like the singer longs for the woman he is trying to convince of his worth. Even through the intoxicatingly catchy chorus, the instrumentation never picks up any elements that hint at its country genre, but the words do. The theme does. The vocals convey real emotion and tell a compelling story. Josh Gracin’s “Good for You” makes me feel something. That’s good music. That’s country music.

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