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New band shines with EP release

Okay, so y'all remember that single review I posted earlier for "The Lover" by Rivershine? Well their new 5-song EP just dropped and it is amazing! Seriously, you need to go listen to it right now.

The EP starts off with "Like That", a sweet song about wanting a love that everyone else wants, basically a dream love. This heartfelt song is a great start to this EP and sets you up for the rest of the songs. The next song is, "All About The Ride", which is a bada$$ song that's a little more rock n' roll than it is country (never a bad thing). Listening to this one, it took me about 2 seconds before I was playing air guitar to it, and if you ask me, I hit every note. "My Luck Changes", is a fast paced, upbeat song that is talking about how great it'll be when hard work pays off, and everything else in life goes right (That sounds pretty great right?). The next song is "The Lover" which I have already reviewed, and since I am lazy I will just leave a link to my review on it here. And now the last song... the love song. "Won't Be Lonely Long" is all about a girl who had just gotten out of a relationship, but the guy tells her not to worry because she will only have to be lonely for as long as it takes him to get to her house. Honestly, it's a pretty great love song, not too slow, and not too sappy, just right.

All in all, this is a great first EP for Rivershine and I think we will be hearing about them a lot more in no time! So, be sure to go like, follow, and listen to them wherever you can!

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