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Praise Be the Voices of FGL and Jason Derulo!

Hallelujah, Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo are taking us to church! Their new song "Women" is about, you guessed it, women and how much we love 'em (Because we really do).

Before y'all even start the whole "This ain't country" debate, I'm gonna say to shush and listen to this song anyway. You can thank me later (and by the way, it is country). The soulful vocals and instrumentals on this track sound like they belong in a church choir. But that ain't even the best part, the verses of this song take you on a journey, one that every man can relate to. The story starts with our momma's, the best part of childhood (unless you were in trouble), the most important woman in a man's life (can you tell that I'm a momma's boy?). The next chapter of the story is all about that day where you show up to class and realize "When did all the girls get so good looking?". They also talk about all the crazy stunts guys will do to impress those girls (One Time, I stole 2 goats from my neighbor to impress a girl, it did not work). The last verse, along with the chorus, celebrates the importance of the women in our lives. This part of the song is definitely the truth, women keep the world spinning and give us a reason to keep going. Without women, life would be a real pain in the a$$.

If for some reason you haven't listened to this song yet, quit being stupid and go listen to it. now.

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