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"I'll Never Get Sober You"

I know this song is called "Sober You", but damn I need a drink after hearing this one. Melanie Meriney paints the perfect picture of loving someone who is still hung up on someone else, and as anyone in that situation knows, it sucks.

Throughout the story of this song, a woman is taking care of a man who continues to call her up when he's drunk and missing his ex. The woman continues to care for him, regardless of how much it hurts, because she loves him, but deep down she knows that she'll never get sober him to call her.

Songs with this topic are a dime a dozen, but Melanie separates her song from the rest with the emotion that comes out of her during her performance. Her voice gives off this feel of longing for something more, like she is singing only to the man in the story; this raw emotion brings you along for the ride and by the end, you're thinking about that one person who didn't feel the same way.

So, grab a drink and a couple tissues and get ready for the emotional rollercoaster that "Sober You" will take you on.

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