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Super Bowl Halftime Performance or Strip Club? We Are Still Wondering

This year's Super bowl halftime performance highlights stripping, booty shaking, a rope, and a meme-able tongue moment. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira had social media on fire Sunday night with a performance that will live in the minds of many uncomfortable families and children for a long time.

Igniting debate and flirting with the line between Empowering or Objectifying, Shakira and J.Lo contradict their motives with an unconvincing political message while they shake their booty in the face of America.

User @Pete Blackburn commented on Twitter, "@NFL my son just humped a hole into our sectional couch I hope you're happy"

A convoluted performance that included ropes, belly dancing, tongue trills, and J.Lo mounted to a stripper pole. It was hard to wonder at times what was really on the screen Sunday Night.

After watching the performance a number of times America has some questions after the controversial performance.

1. Who was the silver suited rapper from the future?

2. Was Shakira's tongue trill some sort of mating call or a reference to Sponge bob's "Victory Screech"

3. Was this some kind of middle aged strip club show or a Halftime Performance?

"Harry Potter whenever he sees a snake and starts speaking parseltongue" @entralada_ writes.

With the unbelievable fitness of a fifty year old J.Lo to Shakira's viral tongue trill the performance gave us plenty of laughs.

You can watch the full Halftime Show below and be the judge yourself.

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