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MERLIN Takes Us On A Dark And Eerie Road With Debut Single “Love”

Enchanting, celestial, and unparalleled are all words used to describe the new and state-of-the-art artist MERLIN. Hailing from her Eastern and Western European roots, respectfully Germany and Albania, she has come to show the world the magnificence of MERLIN. Also, if you were wondering, yes, MERLIN is her real name.

At a young age MERLIN used music as her sanctuary from the trials of a new life. Due to the hardships of world travel and language barriers, she began writing poems and songs that helped her cope and eventually led her to learn English. While growing up and pursuing other fields of interests such as modeling and psychology, MERLIN later realized that music was the lifestyle she wanted to pursue and found that it was her true passion.

Not long after, MERLIN found Red 13 Studios and the production duo Late Boomers Club that led to her announcement of her much anticipated 2020 debut EP. “Love” her debut single from the EP sonically compares to the dark and moody sounds of pop giants Billie Eilish and Lorde.

“I found your darker side,” MERLIN cries to her younger self through the love letter that is debut single “Love”. This concept is brought to the eye, by being taped onto her single cover with MERLIN wielding barbie dolls depicting a child-like, royal smile.

One of the most ethereal elements of the single is her ability to manipulate the xylophone to sound celestial and fairylike, as if we were taking a walk in a magical forest. MERLIN’s distinctive sound is showcased through a marque of mystery, beauty, and poetry and if you ask her what her songs consist of, she’ll tell you, “life, personal experience, death, and MAGIC.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the magic carpet ride that MERLIN is on this year, starting with debut single, “Love”.

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