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An Alt-Rock Anthem for Those on the Journey to Heal

Alternative-rock artist Lindsey portrays the fear of trusting others again in her latest single “Don’t Let Them In”. Bold vocals and soul shaking instrumentals display the mind of one who has been hurt and is scared to open back up.

The healing process is often a long and indirect journey yet relatable to all. “Don’t Let Them In” is able to harvest the feelings and anxieties of this quest towards trusting others and fully healing.

The track delicately balances on the line between pop-rock and alternative-rock allowing it to be soft and easy listen.

Although a song that reflects on past defeats and mistakes, Lindsey inspires us through the true message hidden in the melody. That message being the motivation to trust yourself and the path of healing. Possibly rough and rocky, “Don’t Let Them In” proves to be the perfect song to accompany everyone through their healing journey.

You can find “Don’t Let Them In” on all streaming platforms! To learn more about Lindsey and stream her music, visit


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